Sat Sep 19 2020

No Cap

I’m hanging out with D. & M. They are playing the new Zendikar Rising set of MTG. They’re drafting their decks.

M. is getting impatient at how long it’s taking, and he’s quoting memes I’ve never heard of. He says it’s Gen-Y memes. D. says there’s a box topper worth $99. M. made a joke about gamers being the most oppressed minority in culture. 😆

D. shared a funny video from Portlandia about a girl calling herself a nerd, and an actual nerd talks about being a nerd and ranting about it.

I woke up at 2PM today. I missed my 8AM mailbox event. I made a mistake! I’m not a mistake, though! I ended up cycling down to the post office and dropping off the parcel.

I finished editing all my card prices to cover shipping with a tracking number. $5 is my lowest price now, and I don’t do international shipping with letter size mailpieces anymore. I want that TRP rating!

I still have lots of lettertrack credits. I’ll use those for customer rewards or similar, or if i need to send replacements for lost mailpieces or unhappy customers.

Those are very uncommon scenarios! I received a message today from a customer who was very pleased that I had a rare battery charger in stock, at a fair price, and that I offered excellent service. That’s something to be proud of!

I bet the stickers had something to do with it. I always send out stickers to people who buy from me. Or candy. Always freebies!

Melody was streaming on Twitch today. I caught her stream for a few minutes, but she was playing a simulator cooking game and she wasn’t being very vocal. Not my type of strim! I wonder if mousey will stream tonight.

Mousey’s hangout strims are the best. It kinda sucks that she deletes a lot of her VODs because I can’t always make them. I guess that just makes her streams extra special. It’s important to make them when I can!

I don’t like the streams where she plays games with friends. I don’t like to share! Mousey all mine! When she plays with friends, she talks less. Other people talk, and she concentrates on the game.

Mom bought pizza for dinner. Dad went to pick it up. M. placed the order on his phone. I shame spiralled when my mom asked me if I wanted pizza. I didn’t feel like I deserved to inconvenience my mom by her paying for special food that fits my diet.

Dad got home and said the pizza place didn’t process the order. Dad brought 2 pizzas home, when M. ordered 4. Dad should have called! Uh oh, shoulding and musting. Both unhelpful thinking styles! OK well let’s deal with it. I can deal. I have granola.

Dad had $9K of fraudulent purchases on his credit card. The fraudster made a ton of purchases via FB marketplace.

D. works at Wal-Mart so he knows the aisle where fish food is on. Mom asked him to pick some up. Aisle J.

Waze always gives the wrong directions.. I need to go on the app and fix that. M. was saying that the delivery driver was lost, but IDK. It’s chaos being with people!

What’s a digipeater?

I ate the whole vegan pizza by myself. Now I’m tired. I will probably excuse myself soon. I wanna brush my teeth.

I feel disconnected. I wanna watch mousey stream. OK I think it’s time to dismiss myself!

Something about this evening really made me sleepy. Was it the gluten in the pizza crust? I have pretty much cut out gluten from my diet. Was it the socializing with my brothers and my family? I feel so drained.

Luckily it’s Saturday. I feel like I can take a break. I don’t need to work so hard today. It felt good to hang out with my brothers and ask them questions about MTG.

I made my brothers some MTG stickers. I used the foil vinyl to cut these out. They seemed pretty stoked about the stickers which leads me to the conclusion that now I have an infinite source of birthday gifts!

I tested out these Megurine Luka stickers as well. I saw several issues with her hair. The fine strands either broke off when I was weeding, or created a choppy, damaged look to the sticker. I think this one was an OK trial, but not something I want to be sending to customers as a small sticker. I think it must be scaled up in order to look good.

I feel like sleeping. 10:23PM. Sleep is good. I also feel like working. I also feel like binge watching youtube and anime. I guess that probably suggests that I need sleep more than anything.

I’m feeling a little warm. I hope the spinach in the pizza wasn’t contaminated with e-coli or some shit.

It was nice to eat pizza, but I think that pizza might become a thing that I used to eat. I don’t like to feel inflamed or bloated, and that’s what I think is going on right now.

Mr. Beast is such a beast. He hand signed almost seventy thousand T-Shirts.

WHAT A BEAST! Jimmy is THE MAN. I love this channel!

Oh there’s a new Mr. Beast video today. I gotta go watch that!

Actually that might be a really bad idea right now. I might spiral into doom scrolling if I do that now, at this time when I am feeling like my guard is down and I’m sleepy.

NAP TIME IT IS! I will either sleep, or I will almost sleep, as is the trend as of late.

Then I’ll jump back on the GOOD HABITS TRAIN and continue with the journalling!

11:00PM. I tried to sleep. I might have slept for a short while, but I caught myself having a burp attack, and I quit trying to sleep because that just means I’ll be choking as I sleep and that shit’s not worth it!

I wonder if I could sell these magic decals on eBay. I wonder if WoTC would come after me and send me cease and desist warnings, or go through eBay and eBay would just simply remove my listing.

I think it might be worth a try. I could definitely use the income.

There have been two occasions that I can remember where eBay took down a listing of mine. The first one was when I listed an RGB LED module as an Adafruit NeoPixel. Adafruit themselves must have sent eBay a complaint, and eBay just ended those listings. The keyword, “NeoPixels” are Adafruit’s “intellectual property” so all I had to do was rename the listing and remove those keywords, and I was back online.

A similar thing happened with a tactical branded hat I was selling. It was officially licensed, I just didn’t want the hat so I was getting rid of it. For whatever reason, the company didn’t like anybody but them selling the item, so that one got taken down as well.

I got around that problem by covering up the logos with emoji, and eventually the item sold.

WoTC is a huge corporation with a legal team, so I might run into a level of trouble that I haven’t seen before. But here’s the thing…

Those who dare greatly..

I don’t know if that’s a quote or if I just made it up, but I don’t know how to finish that sentence!

It’s technically sunday in eastern time zone. I suppose I should create a listing for my needy, flake of a customer who wants me to put up a listing on Sunday. I have some cards I have set aside for him. The big question… Will he buy them, or will he flake yet again?


There are also otakus like this one!

And there are otakus who don’t talk to me, but spend fortunes!


This is just part of business. I can’t complain. The needy, picky, thrifty otakus are just as important. They’re all important, and it’s my job as a shop operator to keep them happy. I want them to come back again and again, and make all the purchases!

I’m really excited for the next supply order. I wonder how long until then? One week? Or is it this one? My perception of time is mush!

59 days in transit. The last one got here after 67 days or so? So I estimate that I should have about a week until this one arrives. Sounds good to me! I have plenty to keep me busy. Stickers, code, and the wiki!

I quit copying over the contents of that Prememo guide from the shut down English Precious Memories wikia. I found out that that guide was simply copied from blogspot. That content is still online, so I no longer have the advantage that I thought I would have, if I reposted the content from wayback machine and became the only live site with that content.

Instead of doing that, I’m translating the Prememo rulebook Ver.2.22 into English. I can translate one page in about an hour. I am allotting myself about 25 minutes per day to work on the wiki, and there are 30 pages. If I translate one page every other day, I should be done in about two months. That seems pretty good to me.

I imagine that I’ll get some good Japanese practice from doing the translation. I’m really excited to finish the translation. I’m really excited to become a heavy-hitter in the Japanese collectible scene! I’m dealin’ cards, I’m providing free information, and soon I’ll have a solid customer rewards app.

Probably the #1 thing that I can be excited for is the translation database. That will put me at the top of the English Prememo scene FOR SURE. I’d like to be first to market with that. I think I have a good shot, due to how sparce the English Prememo scene is.

Time and pressure. That’s what it’s going to take. It’s not going to be quick, and it’s not going to be easy, but I can do it if I simply keep up the good work, the good habits, and the good routine.

Routine I struggle with, but I’m very grateful that the good habits I’ve formed are sticking like glue!

time for a yoga break

Such a good flow!

Ok now I’ll do CBT

Shy No Longer Module 9 Page 5

Behavioral Experiments.

I laughed at the Prediction part of the the experiment test.

The conversation will be short or they won’t want to know about how I’m going

“how I’m going.” Oh yeah, this is an Aussie-made worksheet! 😆

I can actually relate to the completed, example worksheet. Let me just write it here.

Core belief to be tested

“I’m stupid and I’m boring.”


  • Phone up 3 of my friends and ask how they’re going
  • Make a comment to one classmate after each class (3) about that day’s topic


  • The conversation will be short or they won’t want to know about how I’m going
  • They will ignore me or make a quick comment and leave

What actually happened

  • J. said he was busy. N. asked me 4 questions about my studies. D. and I talked about my travel plans.
  • One nodded then walked off, one asked me a few questions about the course, one said we should start a study group.


From this experiment I realized that I am not stupid and boring. When people talk to me they often ask me more questions about what I think about my thingsso my core belief is not always true.

Balanced core belief

Although I’m not perfect, I do have knowledge and experiences that people find valuable or interesting.

OK now I can do my own worksheet.

Core belief to be tested

My brother won’t want to talk to me on the phone because he never calls me and he texts me very sparingly.


  • Phone up B. and ask how he’s doing


  • B. will be upset that I called and he won’t want to talk

What actually happened

  • I asked B. if he had time to talk, and he said yes. I told him about the custom stickers that I had dropped off with his wife, and I asked him about how his sport shooting has been going. I told him about the work I’ve been up to. We talked for 45 minutes.


  • My brother and I have a lot in common and we have a lot to talk about, from guns to video games to work to stickers.

Balanced core belief

My brother is often busy, but he and I can carry a conversation for hours.

The end.

Affirmations & Gratitude

94. I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow, but I’ll take care of myself so I am strong enough to face it.
95. I choose to approach my problems with a calm heart and mind.
96. I trust myself.

I’m grateful for the Appleway trail in Spokane Valley. It is becoming an often traveled path by me, and I appreciate how it allows me to bypass so many busy roads that would be dangerous or very uncomfortable to ride on.

I’m grateful that the smoke cleared up today! I could see beyond a mile, and there were lots of other people outside enjoying the weather.

I’m grateful that I stopped at the picnic table at CVHS after my trip to the grocery store. I was feeling very hungry since I hadn’t eaten up to that point. I took time to take care of myself and I munched on some granola that I had just bought.


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