Hey check out this ship! I threw it together with inspiration from the excellent anime, Outlaw Star. Although there are no ships that look like this in said anime, what inspired me to draw this was the concept of blasting through space at incredible speeds in a small, maneuverable craft. It’s a feeling I’ll probably never experience, but I doubt it would be as fun as it looks in Outlaw Star! You can probably tell I also took inspiration from modern-day fighter jets, and I was also thinking about the yellow fighter ships from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. (Don’t see it? Look at the laser blaster ports on the front wing!) The hood scoop is inspired by street racing cars, which are awesome, at least in movies and on TV!

This drawing was created using Inkscape. I’m not that great at it, I know, but It’s fun to do this sort of stuff, and having fun is what art is all about!


Want to download the original .svg?

This picture is in the public domain!

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