milky way, stars, night sky

Let’s take a look through the Hubble Space Telescope. Let’s zoom in a little bit, then enhance the image like an episode of CSI.

What just happened? At the end of that video, the zooming in stopped! I wanted to go DEEPER! Good thing I have the brain of an insomniac to do just that!

There’s life out there! Somewhere far away, there is a large, creature-made, ring-like contraption that harvests energy from a celestial body. For an earthling to see it, it would seem impossible, massive, and disgustingly bizzare. As you would look on, feelings of inconsequence surround your own existence, and the hauntingly odd view make you question your belief in science. No inhabitants are nearby, as the harvester creates an environment that would slowly kill any living thing. Surrounded by darkness, this machine chugs on, as it teleports the energy to a distant place, enabling hyper-dimentional travel for it’s summoners.

Now with that speculative, imaginative, hallucinative zoom level, I’m satisfied.

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