Sun Apr 5 2020

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I was supposed to receive a group text about the virtual boardgame day today. I didn’t get anything so I dunno what happened there. Maybe I gave the organizer the wrong number? Maybe Burnerapp sucks and I’m just not receiving group texts? I’m inclined to think that it’s Burnerapp’s fault.

Burnerapp has so many issues. Just now, I wanted to check my messages. I open the app and I see a new message displayed on the screen for a split second, then it disappears completely. This is normal app behavior.

I just wrote a review on Google Play store. Ugh, disgusting. Google Play removes my newlines/paragraphs and converts it into a wall of text!

This app works, but it’s got some really frustrating user interface issues. It’s common for me to open the app to check my messages, and I’ll see a new message display on the screen for a split second before it disappears completely. It takes a few times of closing and re-opening the app before that new message displays clearly. This user interface behavior is the norm, not the exception. The other thing that is annoying about this app is how the incoming messages don’t update unless I close out of the app and re-open it. This makes holding a conversation via SMS very difficult, because I miss a lot of what people send me. The only way to keep up with the conversation is to manually close the app and open the app repeatedly so I always get the most up-to-date messages. This second issue is likely because I don’t have GSF installed on my phone. I do this for privacy concerns. I run Burnerapp for the same reason. Other messaging apps I use have an option to run in the background as a workaround for not having GSF, but Burnerapp doesn’t have anything like that, which is a shame. Instead of the app doing work to ensure I have the latest messages, I’m stuck with manually refreshing. So much for technology making life easier!

My original desire to use Burnerapp was to use it as a VoIP phone and save money by avoiding a traditional phone service plan. I would get a data-only SIM, and make calls and texts via Burnerapp. It turns out that Burnerapp won’t work as my first number. This is due to how Burnerapp requires that you log in. Your username in Burnerapp isn’t a name at all, it’s a phone number of the phone the app runs on. It’s a shame that I can’t log in using e-mail, because I would love to sign in on my desktop computer and make calls and read txts via my desktop’s browser!

Seeeriously, why does Google Play delete my newlines in my review? Do they want me to appear like a twat?

I probably dumped some of my anger into that review. I’m angry and lonely and sad. The days are just merging together. I don’t feel rested and it’s because I’m not keeping a sleep schedule. It’s 2:54 PM right now and I’ve only been awake for a half hour or so.

I’m angry and sad and lonely and I distracted myself by writing a negative review for an app that barely works without Google Services Framework. I think I would have made that same review if I weren’t upset, but I might have given them more credit for the things they did right.

Burnerapp’s customer service is pretty good. I was helped promptly when I was locked out of my account after I switched phones and lost access to my old phone number.

There, I added that last paragraph to my review, which Google will promptly smush into one wall of text. Yey!

I don’t see any sign in the Discord server that the Nerds United board game meetup happend this morning. I was feeling left out when I didn’t get a text, but now I’m just confused.

Maybe they didn’t use Discord? That seems pretty weird if they used some other voice messaging app. Maybe the organizer doesn’t like me, because all I talked about when we first met was Hatsune Miku Weiss Schwarz cards? If she doesn’t like me then that sucks but it’s out of my control and I like myself regardless. I’m just coming up with unfounded theories for no good reason.

I had the idea for an app that e-mails me every day with a kanji to learn. I really don’t want to make it because I don’t see things like that through to the end. Instead, I want to see if there is something like that which already exists. The closest thing I found last night was

The thing is, there’s no good way to prove that I learned a kanji. I need a test the next day! Something like Anki flash cards. Maybe Anki is the answer, because it has that feature built in where it’ll mostly show me flash cards if it’s something that I’ve proven to myself that I haven’t mastered.

Anki is frustrating. They delete my account when I don’t use it, and when I try to create an account, they say the account already exists. Dumb.

I probably just misunderstood something about the deletion e-mails I always get from Anki after I haven’t used it in some time. I’m just assigning blame because I’m angry. I think Anki deletes my decks, but not my account.

I did a password reset.

Why does snapcraft require root priviliges to install snaps? That seems wrong to me. snaps can be all isolated but it still requires sudo? Dumb.

I installed anki-woodrow.

Anki is dumb! There’s so many quirks! Ankiweb has been around forever, but I still can’t upload decks to ankiweb. I have to first download the deck, import it into the anki desktop app, then I can upload the deck to ankiweb via the app. That’s so ridiculous!

I get it though. The dev just hasn’t implemented that feature yet. It’s not too complex of a feature, but it’s something that would take a considerable amount of time to work on and put into place.

I wonder if the devs are underfunded. I would be surprised if they were well funded. I can’t imagine that something like Anki would get much financial support from the target audience– broke students.

Ugh, I’m in pain now. My back hurts. I felt like I had less pain when I didn’t do yoga. I had achieved a sort of equilibrium where my body used specific muscles, and didn’t use other muscles. And everything was normal and good. Now I do yoga every few days and I feel back pain quite often. I want to go back to sleep. I want to eat food and go back to sleep. I want to sleep all day then wake up tomorrow morning at 6AM. Then I’ll feel refreshed and ready to do my good routine of journalling, exercising, reading, eating, working, playing, and sleeping.

That’s a good day right there. I had that day yesterday, although my sleep schedule was all over the place. I was exercising as the sun was setting. I don’t like that.

I think my sleep schedule has drifted so much is because I’m subconsciously trying to get in sync with my best bud M. He’s such a pal and I want to spend more time with him. You know how women’s periods can get in sync if they’re really close? I think maybe men’s sleep schedules can get in sync if they’re really close. M. works nights and I find myself wanting to adopt his same sleep schedule.

I can’t let myself do that though. I can’t do that because I think I would start playing video games every day of the week. I have real problems with video games. They distract me from my goals. They suck away too much time and prevent me from working hard in growing my eBay business.

ew, Anki desktop app doesn’t support hiDPI displays. Once again, the purchase of this high-end laptop comes back to bite me in the ass. I hate HiDPI displays. Not because they aren’t beautiful displays, but because they cause so many problems with unsupportive software. It’s too soon to own a HiDPI display. Ten years from now I will consider a HiDPI display.

If I had money, I’d buy a desktop computer and sell my laptop. I would get three LOW-DPI displays, and forever be done with the headache of hiDPI incompatibility! I’d do better in video games, and I’d never again have to worry about this glitchy hiDPI daemon in Linux. That would be such a relief!

Grrr, so FUCKING frustrating!

I just did a session in Anki. I’m using a JLPT N5 deck found on AnkiWeb. It took probably 20 minutes. I learned 新聞(しんぶん)(shinbun) which is newspaper. Also 乗る(のる)(noru) which is to take/to ride, 果物(くだもの)(kudamono) which is fruit, 問題(もんだい)(mondai) which is problem/question.

I’m going to do anki more often. I want to work on my Japanese a little every week, so I can move forward and make progress in this area. I think I wrote about this a little bit, but Japanese is the one subject where I want to improve. I want to take more and more Japanese classes!

I read a chapter from my Japanese for beginners book last night. I read aloud as I read, and I’m pleased at how I sound when I speak Japanese. I’ve come a long way in how I pronounce basic Japanese words.

You know what grinds my gears? HiDPI displays. I’m just so used to this UX sucking so hard, that I barely notice it. Whever I open a dropdown select menu in Firefox on my second display, the bounding box is smushed because Firefox or X11 or Pop_OS! (???) doesn’t correctly identify the size of the monitor. I think Firefox incorrectly defers that the bounding box is positioned off of the screen, and so it shrinks it. I have to move the dropdown select box to the top of the screen, or move the entire window to my main monitor for the dropdown box to correctly expand.

Here in WordPress gutenburg editor, there are certain drop down select boxes which won’t show their contents at all on this second monitor. Instead, I gotta move the window to my main monitor if I want to access those dropdown contents. It really grinds my gears!

Can I be done yet? It’s 4:04PM now, and I haven’t finished writing 2000 words. I started this at 2:50 something. I got distracted with Japanese and other shit, which is fine, but sometimes the journalling drags on and on!

Here, have a cute Miku.

I saw a Miku Dollfie in person once. It was at Sakuracon 2019, just hours before I got stranded walking around suburban West Seattle at 3AM. My phone died right after I took the Uber to the wrong house… Long story.

36. I accept myself.
37. I can make a difference.
38. My past does not define my future, I do.

I’m grateful for text processors. Whether it’s MS word or LibreOffice Writer or Lotus Notes or Gedit or Emacs, Vi, Vim, Spacemacs, MS Publisher, MS Notepad, Notepad++, mg, nano, pico….. A lot of those aren’t text processors, they’re text editors…

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I appreciate that there are so many options for editing text in a way which is well suited for printing. Word processors that authors would appreciate as they write their book.

There’s a bunch of word processors that I used when I wrote my novel, that I can’t even remember the name of. They’re designed to be displayed full screen, and cut out all distractions. There are minimal or no menus. I think I used Left for part of it. There was another one which produced Markdown documents. I liked that one a lot even though it was alpha-quality software. I can’t remember the name of that one for the life of me!

I’m grateful for Joe Rogan. Joe has taught me that it’s okay to be myself. Well, it was partially Joe, and partially my therapist K. K told me, Joe showed me. Joe is is genuine self very often. He showed me that it’s okay to be wild, it’s okay to be human, it’s okay to be edgy, if that’s what you feel inside. If I am brave and I release the writings I’ve been making for the past several months, It’s going to change my life. In doing so, I would cast away the bullshit persona I put on like a mask. People who read my blog will begin to know the real Chris, and not that fake ass personality that I have worn as a survival mechanism for so long.

I also have to give credit to Brene Brown’s and her book, I thought It Was Just Me.

I’m grateful for apoijefoaiejfoaiwejfiopajeofjaopjefasopf

IDK. I’m ready to go outside now. I’m greatful for outside because there is sun and therfore natural vitamin D production. I’m greatful that there are deer out there and that they’re so graceful and so derpy. I’m greatful for the big hawks that live nearby and make epic callouts and do stylish swoops and chase other birds and give me something spectacular to look at.

And the geese. The geese are like X-Wing fighter crafts and they fly really fast and get affected by the wind. Especially when they fly in pairs, I’m captivated by their movements and their aerodynamics. It’s a grand sight to see.

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