Sun Dec 27 2020

I have some video ideas.

ABCs with Ironmouse

A video which has a TTS voice say say a letter, followed by an ironmouse video in which Ironmouse says a swear word starting with that same letter.

alphabet.forEach((letter) => {
  speak(`$(letter) is for`);

Heck, I might as well start a spreadsheet to track which swears Ironmouse has said, and the source video where she said it.

My meta video editor would really come in handy here.. Too bad I have yet to code that editor!

Meta Video Editor

Well heck, I might as well spec the editor, since I’m already spec’ing a video which could use that editor.

I think I would like it to use markdown as input, and then use youtube-dl and ffmpeg to download and trim the videos.

# ironmouse-abc.toml

title = "Ironmouse Says The ABCs (NSFW)"

label = "A. Ass"
source = ""
start = "2:50:12"
end = "2:50:14"

label = "B. Bitch"
source = ""
start = "03:11"
end = "03:12"

That’s the idea. I went ahead and created a repo, lolz.

I made it a private repo for now, but I would like to make it FOSS at some point.

Last week’s project

Heck, I was so motivated to complete futureporn last week. That was a wonderful feeling, having a goal and a mission and working toward it, tirelessly.

The only problem was that I did away with moderation. I would work for hours without taking a break, and that’s not good for my health and longevity.

I used my pomodoro timer, but I wasn’t actually getting up to have 7 minute breaks. I was skipping breaks and jumping right into the code. I wasn’t using my daily progress chart either, instead I was wildly coding all day without restriction.

Heck, I finished the project. That much is incredibly rewarding. I have a completed project! I’m going to add it to my portfolio once I get the app to actually run successfully. I have a systemd service configured for both voddo and futureporn, but it looks like voddo failed to save the video file to disk when melody streamed on Christmas eve. Such a shame! Luckily I caught some of her stream live, but I would have liked to watch the whole thing.

Journalling wasn’t enabled on my VPS, so I wasn’t sure what was wrong. I think it might have been folder permissions, which I have since corrected. Now I just have to wait for Melody’s next Chaturbate stream which will probably be on Tuesday. If everything goes well and voddo records the stream, futureporn should detect when voddo finishes recording, and begin it’s processing of the video before uploading it and updating the website.

I have a really good feeling about the FuturePorn project. It’s very uncommon that I see projects through till completion, and I did just that with FuturePorn. I think when I get such irresistible ideas, like that of FuturePorn, spending the time and being completely enthralled in it for 4 days is not a bad thing.

If I can be completely immersed in a project for 4 days, then produce a nice result which I can share and potentially build a brand off of (ex: CodeJockey Crispy Development Haus, LTD.) then I think I’ll be in a good place. It’s one more avenue for me to potentially monetize, and build a future for myself which is worth living and gives me exactly what I want– Financial independence and a lifestyle that I LOVE!

I’m tempted to dive into Meta Video Editor (I’m already calling it, “MVE” for short! but I have another project which hasn’t seen a version 1.0.0 yet. That’s my long running project, sbtp-loyalty which I don’t think I worked on at all last week.


Okee doke, today I’d like to have moderation and make progress on sbtp-loyalty. Again, I’m scared. I’m scared of fucking React javascript framework which seems to go on and on forever. There’s so much to know in order to be a, “guru”. There’s new features being developed all the time, and there’s new paradigms and extensions and cool-kid’s-club best practices and it’s just this huge bohemoth of a knowledgebase.

I’m scared. I’m scared that I won’t be able to know everything. I’m scared that what I make will be a slow sluggish mess of spaghetti code. I’m scared that my site will be ugly, non-performant, and annoying for customers to use. I’m afraid that my work will be completely ignored by the people I hoped that the website would serve.

I’m afraid that I’ll get stuck on a problem for days. I’m afraid that I won’t release on time. I’m afraid that I’ll release, “too little, too late.”

I’m afraid that someone will hate the website. I’m afraid that I’ll get a cease & decist notice from Funimation. I’m afraid that I’ll never be good as TJ. I’m afraid that I’ll waste all my money in hosting fees. I’m afraid that I’ll get sued by Funimation. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to migrate the database from one version of the website to the next. I’m afraid that the database will get hacked and customer data will get exposed. I’m afraid that the database will become corrupted and I’ll lose everything.

I think that’s all the fears. I was just spit-balling fears in hopes of getting to the bottom of what I’m feeling, so I can move on and have a productive code session.

Detective work

I won’t ever know everything and that’s okay. I just need to know enough to make a worthwhile product. I probably won’t make a slow spaghetti code website, because I do a lot of imitation of good code. Ehh, I guess I do spaghetti code sometimes, but if I do, I can fix it over time.

  1. make it work
  2. make it right
  3. make it fast

Spaghetti code is ALLOWED in step 1.

my web design is actually kinda bad, until I spend a lot of time tweaking every little thing. I’ll get there. Again, it is allowed to be bad in step 1.

My website will get ignored by people, and that’s okay. The people who really need or want it are actively seeking it out, and they will not ignore it if it solves a problem they have.

I’ll get stuck on things. I’m stuck on my tank game right now, in figuring out how to rotate the turret and cannon independent of the tank’s hull. I’ll figure it out as long as I keep putting time and pressure into it.

Like a diamond.

Who cares if someone hates the website. I don’t hate it. And if I do hate it, I can just consider that negative feedback, and use that feedback to create an iterative work which I don’t hate.

I’m not going to lose the database if I use best practices. I won’t have just one website instance, I’ll have three. One for development, one for staging, and one for production. The staging environment is where I can test my changes, and be relatively sure that nothing is going to explode before I send it to production.

Even if the database does meltdown in production, that’s what backups are for. Backups are nothing new for me. I worked in IT and made a huge mistake with RAID backups. My mistake cost the company $3K to fix by working with a data recovery service. I learned from it, and now I put a lot more thought and effort into backups!

Some backups, anyway. LOL. My personal files are not backed up very well. They’re scattered across a pile of disconnected hard drives. My blog and wiki site on the other hand, are backed up daily to the cloud.

In the future, I’d like to do more with local backups. A nice FreeNAS or UnRAID system would be nice, but that requires some infrastructure and budget that I don’t have at the moment.



30. I can move past my fears by acknowledging them, and applying scrutiny.

62. I choose to make today amazing.
61. I will allow myself to forgive; it will allow me to move beyond the pain, to a place of peace.


I’m grateful for my racing thoughts. Without them, I think I’d be kinda boring, and I’d never come up with any good ideas.

I’m grateful for the snacks I got as christmas gifts. They’re YUMMY in my tummy!

I’m grateful for my strange sleep schedule. It’s 4AM and I’m wide awake. I’m not fighting being awake in the night. My schedule will adapt with my goals, and that’s okay. I’m uniquely me and I love me!


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