Sun Feb 16 2020

2:29AM. Surprisingly just woke up. I was depressed yesterday to the point where I didn’t want to do anything. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with my brother M. couldn’t play Squad alone. Couldn’t install world of tanks or play Ravenfield. Couldn’t even masturbate.

I was just so lonely and aimless and nothing was doable. So I went to sleep.

That was 9PM yesterday. I wish I would have slept a little longer. Maybe until the sun came up, then I could go outside.

There were some packages set on my doorstep. USPS flat rate boxes that I had ordered last week. They arrived just in time for me to use the flat rate envelopes for shipping some drillbits I sold on eBay. Without those flat rate envelopes, I would have sold them at a loss. One of them was at a loss anyway, because I only charged $1 for the drillbits, and $4.50 for the shipping. The other one I charged $5 for shipping an $7 for the item. Shipping in the flat rate evelope was $7.15 so you can see that I didn’t charge enough for the first one.

I don’t need to make any money on these drillbits because I didn’t pay anything for them. Well that’s half true. The first one I got as a bonus for working doing home security system installation. The second one I bought years ago. I don’t remember why or how much I paid, but I got the use I needed out of them, and now I want them to go away.

It’s a bit frustrating, but I listed these a few weeks ago and I’ve learned a lot since then. I’ve learned to weigh and use the shipping calculator and get an exact shipping estimate if I’m unsure of what I need to put down for shipping.

It’s not a big deal. I think I’m going to take a step back from eBay now. I tried eBay, but It’s not going to work out just yet. I know I can do eBay full-time and make a profit, but there’s a catch. I have to put a large chunk of change into eBay before it will start to pay back. Until then, I need some other form of income.

I exercised then went to Sangha service. I went to the basement and had coffee and chatted with some people. i got some free books

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