Sun Jan 24 2021

I started a 5 hour 3d print, but I want to go to the grocery store and get fruit. Oops. I could risk leaving the printer unattended, but I’m not about to do that when I’ve had this machine for less than a week, and I don’t know if it’s got thermal runaway protection. I’d be fine walking away from this thing for 15 minutes, but not for the hour that it would take to get to the grocery store and back.

I’m going to use this as a learning experience. Next time I do a print, I’ll take a look at Cura’s estimated print time n and ask myself, “Do I have anything I need to go do within n?”

I didn’t think ahead. I made a mistake, but I am not a mistake. I’ll make changes to my pre-print procedure and I’ll be better equipped for next time.

For today, It looks like I’ll be running in place for my exercise. And no fruit other than raisins.

Having no fruit is okay as well. I’ve been overeating during the past few days, and feeling really bloated. Today I’m planning on fasting until dinner. I could use a nice reset!

I got a couple eBay orders in. The first is two pairs of USB to RJ-45 extension adapters. I’ve used these in the past when I worked at I.C. to connect a distant USB webcam to a computer to act as a makeshift security camera.

I intended to use these extension cable to connect my laptop to both my 3D printer, and my cutting machine. I think it’ll work great with my cutting machine, but so far I haven’t found a USB cable that is compatible with my 3D printer. I have a few cables that fit in the micro USB jack, but I’m thinking that maybe they are not wired correctly? Or maybe they’re worn out and don’t deliver enough oomph? I’m not sure.

Octoprint is looking really attractive. I think it can be installed on my laptop, but I’m not sure if I want to go that route. Most people seem to use a Raspberry Pi which becomes a dedicated 3D print server. That option is alluring, although I don’t want to spend the money on an RPi right now.

I ain’t got a budget for that! I say this, but I’ve been hemmoraging money left and right. Ever since I got that economic stimulus check, and the wedding livestream money, I’ve been buying something just about every day. That’s not sustainable!

I’m tempted to buy another thing…. A subscription to YNAB. Fuck yeah, that would help me get a better idea of where I’m at financially, but again… Budgets!

I think it’s $80 a year for YNAB? That’s $6.66 per month, which isn’t bad when I think about it. I’d get a lot of insight to my finances, and get back on track for getting out of debt…

But then there’s the dark areas that it shines light on, that are really troubling. My eBay business income, for example. I’ve been losing money on that venture for a lot of months, but yet I continue it.

Wait a minute, maybe I’m not losing money anymore, but I can’t tell because I don’t have good data?! That’s a real possibility.

I wish I could get a reduced price on YNAB. I could get that if I got some referrals. Maybe they do sales at different parts of the year?

I want to see my net worth chart! I want to see that graph every month and I want to see my wealth grow. I want to visualize my goal of becoming financially stable! I want to make a budget not only for the monthly rent that I pay now, but the monthly rent that I want to be paying in the future! I want to pay more in the future, because I want an office space… Preferably an office space with an attached apartment!

Hmm… I wonder if rental spaces are cheap right now, due to how many businesses have shut their doors due to the fear of COVID-19.

I’ma laugh when COVID-20 gets discovered, and people start this whole madness over again.

I think it’ll be 10 years of this isolation shit. Vaccine shmaxxine, there is no vaccine for fear.


I woke up this morning at 10:30. 10:30 is when sangha service starts. I didn’t join in on zoom because I was not even fully awake yet. I started a 3D print, walked to the mailbox, then went poop.

I took a shower and shaved, and that was a relief because I didn’t do either of those things yesterday.

Now I’m here typing in my blog and downloading Attack on Titan season 3 part 2. Season 3.5 sounds cooler, why didn’t they call it that?

Today I’d like to be kind and gentle to myself. I want to NOT CODE. I want to have an actual weekend where I do something different for awhile.

I want to watch live streams and fap and eat good food. I want to do laundry and get prepared for the coming week.

I want an apartment that doesn’t have a mold problem. I want someone to clean for me. I want $$$$ every month. I want an electric vehicle.

No I change my mind on an EV. I don’t want an EV, because I don’t want the maintenance nightmare that is a car. I want a driver… I want to ride my bicycle as much or more as I do now. I do want to travel further, more often though. So… I want a Lyft budget! Yeah!

I want a property in Coeur d’Alene which decreases the amount of coercion I experience from government. I want a place with a private room, bathroom, laundry machine, and kitchenette. I want my own mailing address and I want my UPS packages to go straight to my door, not my parent’s. I want to sign for my own packages and I want to know my delivery drivers by name.

I took a 5 minute break and did some sun salutations.

My print is looking really good so far. I think I started the print at 10:45.. the estimated print time is 5 hours 57 minutes. That means that the print should complete at 5 something? Fuck, I’m bad at math. Ok well nevermind. I was thinking that I’d have a small window of sunlight where I could ride my bike to the grocery store, but NOPE. The sun sets at 4-ish.

So nevermind!

I’m so stoked for the wedding livestream. Yesterday I looked into white lapel microphones for my sister, the bride. I’m renting a couple Rode Wireless GO lapel mics for the event. Before I made the reservation, I asked around at all the top rental places to see if they had the white version of that lapel mic. They did not, but Amazon has that mic in white for $80. I could buy that mic, then sell it on eBay after the wedding. That’s my plan for the moment.

Another plan, as suggested by one of the rental places, would be to use white stickies to conceal a lav mic which is specifically designed to adhere to clothing and be invisible to the camera. I’m not going to go that route, though. I want to make things as simple for the bride and groom as possible. I’m planning on having some clip on mics that match their clothing as much as possible with either white & black being the options.

Black for the groom, white for the bride. That’s my idea for now.

And hey, if I somehow get another wedding livestream gig from an audience member, I’ll have a lav mic ready for the next time.


Basically I’m setting this up to where I can just do my favorite thing of sitting behind a computer for the event. I’ll monitor the network, the stream quality, and the chat, and I’ll switch cameras with the press of the button. No panning and tilting to worry about. No cameraman to coordinate with.

Cameramen would be cool and all, but that is not something I’m planning for.

Bruh, this 3D printer is amazing. I’m so blown away by the prints I’ve been making. This one phone mount I printed out yesterday is really fantastic. It had a warping issue due to an insufficiently squished first layer, but it’s going to be usable.

Today I’m printing out the phone clamp that attaches to this part. I’m kinda hoping the print fails because I really want to ride my bike to the grocery store!!

Fuck, I’m so disappointed in myself. I didn’t plan ahead and now I’m stuck here.

I guess I could risk it. I could risk my apartment buring down, in exchange for exercise and some nutritious fruit.

I really want to make a smoothie. I’ve made 3 batches of smoothies in the past 3 days, and they’re so delicious and filling!

The cashew milk I purchased the other day was fantastic, as well. Oh and I learned something yesterday. If the smoothie is too thick, adding water is NOT ALLOWED! Doing so creates a terrible aftertaste when drinking the smoothie. I was out of cashew milk at that point, so I used water. In the future, I will add more nut milk of some sort. I usually have other types nutmilk in my fridge. Today I have soymilk, and hempmilk.

Do I risk it? Do I just go and hope for the best? Hope for no thermal runaway? Does this become habit?

The print looks so good so far. Perhaps my best print so far… There’s no way I am cancelling it!

I could use the excuse that I need fresh air and the air in here is bad because of the PETG and that the safe thing to do would be to vacate for an hour. It takes me about an hour round-trip to the grocery store and back.

I forgot to talk about the other item I received. A used battery bank. I’m displeased that one of the tiny screws is missing. IDK if that was described in the listing or not. It was so cold when I pulled it out of it’s package this morning. It’s like 10 degrees or whatever outside, and the housing of the battery bank is metal. I think the circuitry got so cold that something strange happened. It’s 7 segment display was turning on every few moments with the number, “38”. IDK what that means.

I’m wrapping this up with affirmations and gratitude.


I’m grateful for my 3d printer and these amazing prints that I’ve been able to make. I’m grateful that I’ve exercised patience when setting up this 3D printer and learning how to use it’s functions. I’m grateful that it is providing me with a challenge and knowledge and a new skill.

I’m grateful for smoothies! If I can pull it off, I’m going to get some more smoothie material and make some smoothies this evening. I could share them with my family, too!

I’m grateful for the community surrounding 3D printing. Thingiverse is an amazing website, albeit a little laggy or completely unavailable at times. There’s so much good information on there and people to learn from.

I’m grateful for 3D data. Internet via my phone has been surprisingly good over the past year or so, and I’m grateful to have this option which is a lot better than my parent’s internet.

I just had an idea… Since I want to get Speedify for my sister’s wedding, why not get a year subscription and build me a Speedify router? Then I could combine all the internet sources available, and have a stronk and redundant internet connection? Hmm… Yes. very nice idea. (But… BUDGET! Eeek!)


50. I am the power.

22. I choose to focus on what I can control.
21. My smile can make anyone feel better.

Oh yeah, I’m an uncle now.

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