Sun Jan 26 2020

I didn’t go to Sangha Service. I had a chance to wake up and go, but only with 3 hours of sleep under my belt. I decided to sleep. I’ll have another chance next week to attend!

It’s 1:30PM. A. brought me her Co-dependents anonymous book. I’ll put it to good use!

I gotta poop right away. This is unusual! I credit eating a huge dinner last night. I made potato wedges using seven small potatoes. I really had to put in effort to be able to eat them all! I was already full from a large portion of rice and green peas!

The ants are taking over. I am almost ready to give up on trying to kill them all. One was just walking on my monitor a few moments ago. I need to find where they are coming in and set some traps or block their path or something.

I’m in the demotion zone on Duolingo. I have 2 hours to get a significant amount of points or I’ll lose my silver league badge! I think I’m going to spend some time this morning and make sure I stay in the same league. I could put in extra work and I could see to it that I advance instead! It will take probably the full 2 hours of studying if I am to do that.

For today’s song, I want to make it 100% out of samples. I wanna take Hatsune Miku’s voice and sample it the sample into pieces and make a new instrument from it. Miku drums and bass? Ohhh, DnB! I don’t think I’ve made one of those yet!

I could make a DnB track made only with samples! I’ll have to look up another tutorial for DnB, but this time I won’t copy any chord progressions they show as an example. Instead I’ll come up with my chord progression.

One thing I’m realizing is that I really enjoy the key of G. A lot of my jams this month have been in that key.

I’m getting excited for the end of the month. I’m excited(6) to make a summary video which will highlight the month’s creations. I’m planning on playing each song after another, so people can hear what I made. I’ll put it on YouTube probably. I wanted to put it on the new library of Alexandria (, but they pulled their client! They’re apparently revamping it.

I could throw it on as well. Maybe make some bits if it gets enough views. Not that it will. I’m not good at monetizing videos. I think my videos are just too mediocre.

Mediocre, but unique! I have that much going for me.

It smells like pee and vomit in here. It’s so gross but I can’t figure out what is causing the odor. At least today is Sunday, which is laundry day for me. I’ll launder all my blankets and clothes and hopefully I see some improvement.

I guess there’s a silver lining to my place being a mess. I don’t want to spend as much time here. I want to move out! But I think I have a lot of groundwork to place as far as entrepreneurship before that can happen.

There’s a studio called CKCollab in CDA which is hiring web developers… I’m tempted to abandon my eBay efforts and apply. Or there’s 7Barrels which I was thinking of applying to. I just don’t think eBay is something I want to do.

Holy fucking shit, I’m a fucking idiot. How many times have I done this? “something I want to do…” That means what it means. It means what I do is how I spend my life. Do I want to spend my life listing shit on eBay? Do I want to go thrift shopping 5 days a week, always be on the hunt for deals, spend hours and hours listing, packaging and shipping? Can I do that enough to turn a profit, and will that be fulfilling?

No. Nothing will be fulfilling. The fulfilling shit in life is shit done outside of work. Relationships.

Well, fuck. Crisis mode! eBay isn’t making me enough money!

I haven’t applied to 7Barrels or CKCollab because I LOVE the lifestyle. I have no boss. Or rather, I am my own boss. I can work between 9PM and 3AM if I want. I don’t answer to anyone but my customers. I so much freedom and autonomy… This is the good life!

I am the master of my own future! There is earning potential in the thousands of dollars per month! I can take a vacation if I want! I can have sick days and I don’t have to ask for permission to do anything!

This is the good life!

I’m not making enough money!

This is an experiment. I’m working my way up to profitability, remember? Most small businesses take 3 years to become profitable!

OK I’m calm now.

I feel nervous(7) about eBay. I’m one breakdown from poverty. Technically I’m already in poverty. My suburban is going to break down soon, I can tell. I want to get rid of it and get a Tesla model 3 but I definitely can’t make a $500 monthly payment right now. I have to worry about rent and groceries first.

The beat at the start of jamuary2020 day 22 is so SICK!

I want to use that beat again! It doesn’t appear enough in jam22’s track!

I’m going to go outside after I journal/study JPN and do a similar workout to what I did yesterday. Yesterday was really really good. 10 laps, running up the hill of every lap, doing yoga every other lap, and doing 2 pushups right before the hill.

And later I’m making DnB! Or maybe not. The goal is to use 100% samples, but dnb might happen today or it could happen tomorrow.

I gotta study Japanese!

12:24 AM. It’s technically Monday now. I studied Japanese. I did 7 or 8 lessons so I got about 80 points and I got out of the demotion zone. I looked and saw that I would need 300+ points to get into the next league. No way that was happening in the time I had before promotions/demotions occurred!

That’s a cool system to get people motivated to learn.

I went outside and trained a bit. I took it easy, did mostly walking with some jogging. The ground was still very cold but I wore my Vivo barefoot shoes. That was a mistake! There was still snow here and there, and my feet got pretty wet and cold. Did a sun salutation or two, then I went inside and started working in LMMS. I got a little hooked on that, spent several hours sampling old songs.

Sampling wasn’t very productive. The tune I was able to come up with using only samples sounded pretty bad. It’s something about samples and changing their pitch afterwards. It ends up out of tune. I ended up stumbling upon a vocoder FX and I just made an experimental track around the vocoder FX.

Not too pleased with day26’s track! I just finished it pretty quick because I spent so much time with the family this evening. I hung out and played Alhambra. Had some yummy vegan cookies as well, and some veggie tacos. I always veg for like an hour straight when I’m with my family. That’s not a complaint or anything. It’s a true privilege and I’m happy I can do so.

I’m not worried about getting fat because I’m so poor otherwise. I thought of stopping at Wal-Mart on my way home from Dragon Parlor Games the other day, but I vetoed that due to the issue of funds.

I have $700 in Paypal. $400 of that is earmarked for rent which is coming up in a few days. Then I gotta start the hustle all over again, and get another $400 for next month, plus vehicle expenses, groceries, and credit card payments! Wow, something’s gotta give! I’m thinking of a part time job.

I was thinking this evening that I’m much happier when I don’t work full time. I’m much happier when I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer. I’m hesitant to apply to 7Barrels or CKCollab because of this. I don’t want to work full time. Or rather, I would be open to working full time, if only for a short period. Say 3 month. I’ll work full time for 3 months, then take 2 months off. That sounds pretty damn good!

I don’t know of a company that would be cool with that though. Maybe if they had something temporary, that would be cool.

I just sold two things on eBay which I had no idea would sell. I thought it was junk but I got $35+$4 shipping for it.

Amazon AWS IoT programmable Dash Button

I thought this thing would be worth $5. Apparently someone thinks it’s worth more than that! I got this for free from a frienemy. Now It’s going out the door for $35!

If I can turn junk into CASH like this, I think there is a lot of hope for my ideal lifestyle. If I could sell eleven thirty-five dollar items a month, that’s rent right there. Holy shit, I’m stoked about this. It makes me want to get out there and get more junk to sell!

Apparently garage sales are the place to be, to get things to buy and resell. This is a good thing because 1) winter is going to end in a month or two and garage sales can start. 2) Going to garage sales will force me to work on and improve my social skills, 3) How fucking fun are garage sales? People want pennies on the dollar for what things are worth. Everyone just wants to get rid of their shit ASAP! There are scores left and right.

Liberty lake has an epic garage sale season. I’ll be there for every day of the sale and I’ll hustle my ass off!

Getting out of debt is my #1 goal. I can do it. I have proof!

This month is proof. I need to take a moment and recognize that. I worked hard. I did the work, I hit the thrift stores, I spent hours photographing and listing, I made sure customers were happy, I packed and shipped dozens of packages…

I have $1,269.55 in gross sales. $700 some net. I did this! Sure, I had the stuff to begin with, but I did the work, and I converted my junk into CASH!

I can repeat this process!

That’s a good feeling. I feel happy(3) about that.

Well, it’s about time I do some more listing. I just gotta finish up this blog post and I’ll get right on that. Oh, I gotta finish my laundry. Boy, my sleep schedule has really drifted. It’s almost 1AM and I’m finishing laundry. It’s almost 1AM and I’m getting ready to list shit on eBay.

Drift! It always happens with me. A drifting schedule is one thing that is strangely consistent with me. Oh well, as long as I can keep up a good routine, It’s not a problem. I’d like to wake up early enough to where therapy at 9:30AM on Friday, and Sangha service at 10:30AM on Sunday aren’t difficult to wake up for.

I can’t tolerate a drift if my whole sleep cycle becomes inverted. I’m getting nervous about that because the past few nights I’ve been staying up very late. I can become rather unhappy if I let my sleep schedule rule my life.

That’s about it for now. I’ll end with some words of gratitude. I’m grateful for family dinners and time spent playing board games. I’m grateful that we can get together and do these things. Someday, family members will die. This time we spend together is precious and I hope to have as many of these gatherings as possible.

I’m grateful for time spent with my brother M. He didn’t play games or stay long for dinner, but he was around enough to where he and I could talk about computer parts and upgrades. I cherish the time we spend together as his company is always enjoyable.

I’m grateful for quality store bought vegan, gluten free chocolate chip cookies! I can’t get enough!

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