Sun Nov 8 2020


You what? You nothing. I just wanted to start a post without the word, “I.”

It’s sunday 4:21 PM and my mom invited me to come have pan pizzas this evening.

eyy 4:20

Yeah ok that was fun looking at ddg results for !tenor smoke weed every day

This morning I attended Spokane Buddhist Temple sangha service via Zoom. The minister and MC and a bunch of people suddenly disconnected partway through the dharma message. Apparently there was a Comcast outage. There was one minister’s assistant who didn’t disconnect, and he stood there seemingly clueless as to what he should do.

But it was fine. I just meditated, chanted Hanjusan by myself, and about 10 minutes later the minister returned via phone to apologize and let everyone know that there was a comcast outage.

So today’s dharma talk was about patience and gratitude for the times when we can meet!

Then I walked to Fred Meyer and back. It was lightly snowing for a good chunk of the hike. It was a nice walk. I got bored on the way back, so I was occupying myself by doing more chanting using words that I happen to remember. I’m sure they were all out of order, but it was a good time and it was good exercise.

I had some fruit and oatmeal once I got back. I’m excited to have pizza this evening. My sister K. tweeted me a picture

oh shit I just went down a rabbit hole on twitter, seeing all sorts of shit posts that people have tweeted, and scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling.

low quality, human interactions.

And I didn’t even get the picture that my sister tweeted me.

And the tenor link above isn’t even displaying correctly. I’m not going to fix it because there’s a rabbithole I can fall into on tenor. just imagine a green marjiuana leaf with strobe lights flashing. No, that image doesn’t exist on tenor, I just thought it up. The one I posted was of a dude rapidly taking puffs from two separate joints.

ok next topic.

Here’s a web IDE that I’m thinking of using to stream… wait no, I am not even going about this correctly.

My original thought was to use a cloud workspace. I would install OBS on that workspace, and stream from the cloud. Then I would log into the workspace somehow, and edit code via my low quality connection. I would also want to transmit webcam video to the web workspace somehow, which would complete the regular streamer setup shit that everyone does.

But Atheos isn’t a cloud workspace. it’s a web IDE which is not going to do what I need.

A web IDE is just an IDE that runs in the browser. There isn’t any sort of desktop that I can stream from.

What I need is a straight-up ubuntu desktop in the cloud. Something with a bunch of ram. Something that I can spin up and later destroy without incurring a monthly fee.

Or I could just wait for Starlink. Goddamn. I am going to need a powerful VPS if I am to stream from it. Most VPS have shitty graphics cards, unless it’s specifically designed for cloud gaming or machine learning, with access to a server-side graphics card.

I think it would be a shitty stream if I stream from a VPS, unless I pay a lot for a VPS, at which point it doesn’t even make sense to stream because I’m not going to have money-making potential for months and months, if ever.

Oh wait, I had that requests idea which has lots of potential.

Well yeah, but that’s only going to work if the stream quality isn’t shit.

I want to try to try the cloud workspace, but I don’t know the right way to do it. There are amazon workspaces that I might be able to give a try. Then there’s the VPS route which might work, but again I come back to the money issue.

Money would be an issue for amazon cloud workspaces as well. What the fuck am I even?

I can’t even.

I can’t.

I can.

I can!

I’ll figure something out.

Well I’ve kinda de-railed from my goals of working on sbtp-loyalty every day. I think I got burnt out on the project, then I took a week off, then that break became two weeks.

It’s okay, I can jump back into it any time. How about tomorrow?

Tomorrow sounds good. I did some other projects and had fun with them, but I really want to get the sbtp website up and running, because that’s going to be really good for increasing profits.

I thought about how my plan has been to use netlify. I think that’s a mistake at this point. I think my customer base is too small to pay $20 a month for netlify. I think I am going to figure out a way to do FaaS on a $5 VPS.

Everything on a $5 VPS! Then I could do load balancing and self-host half of the shit at my house once I get Starlink.

brb, time to cycle laundry.

I did laundry and had dinner with the fam. blah blah blah I’m distracted and also watching Ironmouse review animemes with Nuxtaku.

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