Sun Sep 27 2020

I won an auction for a The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Prememo starter deck. I paid $5.91 for it and that is a STEAL!

I’ll make a great return on this one, that’s for sure!

I am stoked to receive my next shipment. I worked through all the product I received in the last one, and I’m so ready to jump into the next!

If the trend holds true, I should be receiving that shipment this week.

This week is the 40th week of the year.

6:19AM. I picked and packed one card order which contained 3 cards, each between a $5 and $8 value.

And I just won another auction on buyee. This one wasn’t as much of a steal, but it was still a good deal.

A total of $9.83 for this one. I actually tried to cancel this bid, but I guess I wasn’t quick enough. I already have one of these starter decks and it’s a set that doesn’t sell very well.

I’m pretty sure I have overextended on my product acquisitions, yet again. I anticipate that I will have trouble paying rent next month. I just hope these extensions pay off in the long run!

I think they will. I’m getting my supply chain set up. I have 4 packages in-transit and the steady flow of shipments every 3 weeks is in motion. The first order sucked as far as containing enough product to keep me busy for three weeks. That was also an anticipation and it’s going to be better going forward, because I have a lot of collections incoming.

I just checked the contents of the next shipment. 2 full size booster boxes, a 1/2 size booster box, a handful of booster packs, 3 starter decks, and a handful of rares, SPs, and XRs. Not quite the collection I would like, but definitely money maker series.

I’ll probably do what I did with the last lot. I’ll list everything as-is at a high price, then slowly open the products and convert them to singles. What sells as sealed product sells and I lock in my return. If it doesn’t sell quickly, I set myself up for an even higher return, at the cost of having to wait a little longer for the item to actually sell.

OreImo cards sold like hot cakes the last time I had some. I am prepared and excited for another good run of these cards! I’m stoked to sell Cardcaptor Sakura cards. I’m going to list that starter deck for $37.50 and I think it’ll have no problem selling. I’m putting a 1.5X markup on that one. My cost is $24.76. I have sold a Hatsune Miku starter for something like $48, which is the highest I’ve sold one of those.

Actually, I think I’ll match the price of that HMK starter deck. If it doesn’t sell in 3 weeks, I can either reduce the price, or convert it to singles. I don’t have any Cardcaptor Sakura cards so it’ll be nice to see what those look like.

That Cardcaptor Sakura starter deck was printed in 2014. That’s almost as old as the 2013 HMK set that I previously sold. It’s so exciting to have such rare items to sell. I think there is one more Cardcaptor Sakura starter deck on Buyee. As for anywhere else in the world stocking that item, I think there are none. EXCLUSIVE AND RARE! I love that status and so do my customers!

Oh boy. This is EXCITING! The selection of items in this upcoming order is definitely more diverse than the last one. I think I will be kept very busy with all these items.

I’m going to use Twitter to announce the arrival of these products. I think Twitter will become my standard platform for announcements. I’m going to say something like, “Get ’em while you can, these products won’t last!” because really, they won’t. If they don’t sell, I’m going to remove the listings and crack them open.

I want to give the hardcore collectors a chance, though! I want them to start to recognize SBTP as a store that has regular new product, is very reliable on delivering items as promised, and having great customer service.

It’s all within my grasp! It’s just like a video game, and I want to level up over and over and over, to the point where I can stand on my own without needing government food assistance and cheap housing from my parents. I’m going to do that by satisfying all my constituents.

I want to rehearse what I’ll say on twitter 😆

Just received a shipment from Japan with this 2013 printing of this Incredibly rare, NEW SEALED #prememo Nisemonogatari Booster Box. I know from experience that this box WILL NOT LAST LONG! https://rover.ebay/com/itm/38u24982u492834923u4982u3492u349


Goddamn, that’s triggering my FOMO and I’m not even a collector of NMG! 😆

Well technically I am a collector. But I think a more accurate label would be investor, not collector.

$300 for that booster box? After fees and shipping, I paid $45.62 for it. I want to price it for a collector, not a competitor. My competitors gotta go through the sames hoops that I go through!

I wanna spread my wings and pay my rent with my income for once. I’ve gone too many months living off savings. Again, $300 is high, but it might literally be the only one in the world. I sold a booster box for $250 which I didn’t think would sell.

Holy shit there’s a HMK booster box on eBay right now.

I bet this is the fucker that outbid me on Buyee a couple months back! 😆 Well, I’m tempted to buy it, but I have already over extended and it would be silly of me to do so.

Did I mention the 8,000 cards that I bought the other day via Mercari? Oh my goodness, my work is going to be cut out for me when that order arrives! It’s months away though. For now, I have a whole bunch of other stuff to work on!

I think it’s a different booster box than the one that I got outbid on. The circular, red and white sticker placement differs between the eBay and this buyee listing. That actually gives me hope that there are more of these booster boxes in circulation! I’ll bid higher next time. I would have happily paid $70 for this booster box.

Goddamn, I’m so tempted to buy the HMK booster box from eBay. I want to break it into packs, and alternate between selling the packs and converting the packs to singles.

Omg I just found an HMK starter deck on Buyee. The lister used a shitty picture which makes it hard to find. It’s not even a picture of the deck, but of the promotional image.

They want $18. This is so INCREDIBLY WORTH, but I’m already hemorrhaging money. I can’t buy it in good faith, because I know I am running a marathon, not a sprint.

I must withstand the test of time!

For fucks sake, my FOMO kickin’ in hard right now!

If I can find some money, that ST deck is MINE!

“There’s going to be more deals, there’s going to be more deals!”

My reassuring thoughts

CBT Time

Forgiveness #4

My role in my dad becoming impatient was that I was doing the bare minimum to help out around the house. It doesn’t excuse my dad for exploiting my vulnerabilities and shaming me, but I can understand why he was upset.

Forgiveness #5

My dad is an imperfect human being, like me. If I were in his position, having to deal with kids for a week straight without electricity, I might have blown my top too. I could have done the exact same thing. The situation with my dad becoming upset with me wasn’t about me, it was about my dad trying to meet his own needs.

I pretty much re-wrote the worksheet #5 but in my own words. Anyway, I have been saying something to myself lately which contains a sentiment that I like.

They’re not against me, they’re just serving their own self-interests.

Forgiveness #6.

Grudges are futile! Grudges do not punish people. Grudges only end up hurting myself, because I’m the one who holds onto those negative feelings as they burrow and build inside me.

Forgiveness #7.

The positives of the relationship with my father are many. I have learned a great deal about treating people (and employees) fairly, being generous with donations and helping the poor, and doing community service. I’ve learned from him how to work hard. He has helped me by providing me with housing and a financially stable upbringing.

Wrappin’ it up for today

I’m going to move on to other things for now. Tomorrow I can resume forgiveness work, starting on #8.

I’m grateful for the shining sun and warm weather today, because it means that I can feel comfortable outside and I don’t need to wear a jacket.

I’m grateful for the invitation to family dinner this evening, because I’ll get to see my parents and hopefully some of my siblings.

I’m grateful for the music assortment that I have on my computer, because there’s always something for me to listen to and there’s never a dull moment.

15. Today, I will celebrate me.
16. I matter.
17. I can find peace through prayer and meditation.


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