Sun Sep 6 2020

There’s a 2015 picture on this blog that contains a private key. I dunno if I just never funded it, or it’s an altcoin that I don’t remember, but It has a zero BTC and BCH balance. I’m puzzled.

I’m thinking it could be Dogecoin, or Litecoin, but I don’t know of a linux wallet that will sweep those private keys. I suppose I should not give up until I get to the bottom of this, as I could have a pile of digital cash waiting for me upon enlightenment.

I wish I had an endless supply of old wallets! I could live off of the money that’s stored within. My job would consist of recovering funds from old forgotten wallets. I’d be a digital archaeologist!

If only.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a business model in sweeping funds from my old wallets. The old wallets are finite in supply, thus I would run out and I’d have no more revenue.

I suppose I could make a hedge fund of sorts. I could create new paper wallets every week or month, and store them like fine wines for use, years down the line. That might actually be a good idea and something that could be profitable!

Well I guess I’m starting today. I just created a wallet in Electron and funded it with $5 worth of BTC. Into the vault you go!

I got invited to dinner and a viewing of the live action Mulan movie tonight at my sister K.’s house. I’m going to go, and see how much Disney is going to drive a stake into a childhood favorite movie.

I’m setting the bar low, because I have little faith in Disney nowadays. The way I see it, Disney has become this heartless machine that cranks out highly enticing content with baked-in neo-liberalism propaganda.

Maybe I won’t go. I’d rather not be stuck if the movie sucks. I’d like to click off of it if it’s a work of statism bullshit.

Let me insert more anarcho-capitalism buzzwords to make this post even more cringeworthy.

I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten anything yet. I woke up at 10AM and jumped right into the Seattle Betsuin livestream.

I watched the entire video. I did yoga during the messages. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a long yoga session. It felt good to stretch my stiff body. Why’s my body always stiff!?!

I guess that’s a silly question for me to ask. I’m so stiff because my lifestyle consists primarily of sitting on a hard wooden chair.

I’m doing laundry now. I want to have clean clothes by 5PM when dinner and a movie starts, in case I want to go to dinner and a movie.

I haven’t decided yet. On one hand, I’d like to watch Mulan and have a social gathering with the family. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend too much time with my family, especially knowing that we’re going bike riding tomorrow.

Free food is nice, too. But I don’t know if there is going to be much for me to eat at a BBQ. To play it safe, I would need to bring my own food, and that’s a hassle.

Waaaaaahhhh, cry me a river, you spoilt BB.

I want to work. I want to list cards on eBay. Unfortunately I’m really low on cards to list. I can either go through my rewards cards and individually list some of those, or I can open booster packs. I no longer have a surplus of booster packs. Anything I list, I’m listing only because I am removing my existing booster pack listings from eBay and converting them into singles.

I think it makes sense to do that, because every now and then I pull a signed card. I can get like $10 for a booster pack, but $25 for a signed card.

Or I can get $6 for a single card. There are 8 cards in a booster pack, so I could get $6 per card if I sell them individually, or $1.25 if I sell them as part of a booster pack.

It’s a strange thing that people will sometimes pay exorbitant amounts of money for a sealed product, because of the chance that they may pull a rare card. But at the same time, the exact cards that are in the booster packs don’t sell at all, because it’s a card that is not cute or sexy and they know exactly what they’ll be getting.



Random quote there for you.

I’m going to have breakfast now at 12:47PM.

I ate food and then I watched some of Projekt Melody’s Twitch stream. She wore the wrong outfit! It was a not safe for Twitch outfit 🤣, the same outfit she wore yesterday on Chaturbate.

She had to delete the VOD so she wouldn’t get banned, but I was quick enough to tell my friend J. about the slipup and he got to see the mistake before Melody deleted the video.

That was pretty funny!

I closed the stream because I have shit to do today! Apparently attention is my scarcest resource. I didn’t read the article– I don’t got time for that shit!

I want to do work on sbtp-loyalty today. I’m pretty much deciding to skip Mulan this evening because I don’t got time for both dinner/Mulan and sbtp-loyalty.

I don’t want to get tied up with that event, when I think my time is better used with progra…

I think I get barely any social interaction at all, and a family dinner/movie would be a good thing for me.

Still gonna avoid it, though!




On to CoDA, the thing that I always put off!

Get a box or container that is precious to you. Put it in a psecial place and dedicate it as your,”God Box.” In addition to prayer and meditation, the God box is a physical symbol for taking Step Three. You will use the God box when you get to Question 29.

Umm.. Okay? It wants me to make a god box, but I don’t know what it’s for? I assume that I’m supposed to put shit in it?

Ok then. I’ll make a box out of paper. Uno momento por favor!

Ok then, I got me a god box. I’ma stash it in a drawer.

Actually I put it on a shelf because my supply shelf had a free space.

I want to fap so bad right now. I have fapped the past two days and my body wants more!

Nein! Kein fappen!

break time. I’m going to do yoga.

It seems that CoDA 30q #24 was too easy. I feel like I gotta do more, but I’m not going to let myself do more. I want to break the feeling I get that CoDA has to be hard. Not every day is hard. Not every question takes a lot of time and is really difficult.

Just like I’ve changed my idea that exercise has to be hard, I’m changing my mind about CoDA being hard.

When it comes to exercise, I don’t allow myself to have off days. I allow myself easy days, but no off days. I want to have a similar approach to CoDA.

I did a 6 minute yoga sesh with Adrienne.

Such a good reverse bridge stretch thing right there at the end. It worked my glutes like nothing else can!

Speaking of glutes, I have a rash on the left side of my butt. I think it’s from my accupressure mat. I think I might have sat on it for too long, and damaged some underlying tissue. It’s obvious that it’s from the accupressure mat because there are a bunch of evenly spaced bumps, in just the same pattern as seen on the accupressure mat.

I’ll have to be mindful of that in the future when I am pushing through the pain of the accupressure mat. Some pain is good and it triggers my tense muscles to relax. Other pain can be damaging. There’s a subtle difference in these types of pain that I can’t quite identify as of yet. In the future, I think I will learn more about my body and I’ll better be able to differentiate the types of pain.

I’m doing laundry. I think I already mentioned that near the start of this post.

Well, I’m still doing laundry. Or rather, the machines are doing my laundry, and I’m in my apartment chillin’.

What are my goals for today? I don’t really know. I slept in and had a late start, and now I’m just kinda unsure of what I’ll be doing today.

I think I will list cards on eBay. I think I will work on sbtp-loyalty. Probably the reverse order, because I want to do the hard thing first. The hard thing is sbtp-loyalty. It’s a big project and there’s a lot that I need to learn, and a lot that I have to do.

The important thing is to make progress. Every single day, make some progress. Eventually, after hours and hours of making progress, I’ll come to a place of expertise to where making an app becomes trivial. It’s there that I want to be, and it’s there that I’ll be able to finish the project.

I have about 3 months until I want to launch. I want to launch on January 1 2020. Earlier is better. Later is unacceptable!

I’m going to set up some e-mail alerts to remind me of how much time is left. I want to receive e-mails, “2 months till sbtp-launch”… “3 weeks till sbtp-launch” … etc.

Did you know that e.g. stands for Excepli Gratia? The t in gratia makes a hard sound because it’s latin. ‘grah tee ah’, not, ‘grayshia’

I like to read aloud. It helps lessen my anxieties when I read aloud. I also like to think that it somehow will help me in a future job where I do voice overs or something. Maybe I could get back into youtube tech tutorials.

I would do it if I could monetize it!

I walked outside and showered and shaved


Print an oversized 3d printed SWORD? No problem.

Ok I’m done writing for now, because my brain just wants to get distracted on YouTube or Discord.

On to web dev!

Looking for VOCALOID trading cards?

Check out Sakura Blossom Trading Post