Sup, Yall!

Article Written on Fri Nov 22, 2019 at approx 12AM PST

Sup, Yall! It’s night time and I can’t sleep. I’m stressed out and my neck muscles are tense. So I thought I would write.

I guess I can’t write while laying down. Not using my space pen, so the ink doesn’t flow in any direction.

OK so I had this thought. But I lost it. Dammit! I walked through a doorway moments ago when I used the toilet. Dammit! I read that thoughts are cleared when walking through doorways.

Maybe it’ll come back to me.

Oh, hey. the Tesla Pickup Truck reveal was earlier tonight. What a shitshow. Frans broke the windows with that metal ball, and it seemed to throw Elon’s presentation completely off course. Eon was slamming Ford and other truck makers for being fake weak. Franz dented a generic pickup truck door with a sledgehammer, then couldn’t put a ding in the Tesla Pickup Truck’s. Then his creation gets bashed by a little metal ball.

That’s going to be a new meme FOR SURE!

Tension headache! I could really use some CBD oil now. Really really really want some right now.

I’m almost out of paer in this tablet. Only one sheet left! I wonder if I can score some free tablet paper somehow. This tablet is becoming an indispensable part of my life. Writing is very therapeutic and I want to do it more often.

I played Habbo Hotel again. A lot has changed. Inventory is no longer a giant hand!! Ther is much more customization now. Ads play between every room change.

There are three currencies! bobba is still a thing LOL. I can’t hold conversations even in cyberspace. Well I guess I gotta be fair to myself. I held convos alright until I got sleepy. But there was this girl that started hitting on me and I got really uncomfortable. So I roleplayed and I threw up on her. It was really funny. The girl stormed of saying, “bobba bobba” which I can only assume was something like, “fucking asshole!” I keep laughing about it.

Really though, I just have to keep in mind that the person on the other end could be a kid. I’m not about to date in a video game. I’ll leave that to the youngsters.

It would be a real trap to get caught up in an online relationship. I used to do it with penpals that I would e-mail back and forth. Never in a game though. First of all, I could just be getting catphished. Secondly, what a waste of time. Everybody is roleplaying, there is no substantial attraction or chemistry. This is why I don’t do online dating anymore. I want an AFK relationship if I wanted one at all.

I don’t want a relationship, just to be clear. The girl in question just approached me randomly and started rp kissing me.

I’ve got a huge muscle knot in the back of my neck. I’m trying to work it out so I can get some sleep.

So I think I’ll be losing my driving privileges. The other choice is to lose my housing, which I think would send me further into depression.

I have an idea of how to do the CSS grid in VOCALOID Studios. I don’t know if this is a feature of CSS grid, but I was thinking that I should inspect the grid element and get a JS handle on a grid tile div.

getElementById type of inspection. My thought was that MAYBE that DOM object would reveal to me it’s coordinates on the page. If it did, I could use a tile’s coordinate to build a list of coordinates in JS, which could then be used to accurately position an avatar element. WORTH A SHOT!

Long TSLA!

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