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  • Sun Apr 26 2020

    Sun Apr 26 2020

    Yesterday I started out the day wonderfully. I eliminated distractions and wrote 2000 words non-stop. After that, I used my Pomodoro technique and studied Japanese. I read from my beginner japanese book, I studied my JLPT N5 Anki deck, and I spent 25 minutes identifying kanji in the wonderful KAITO & Miku song Cantarella. Next, […]

  • Sun Feb 16 2020

    Sun Feb 16 2020

    2:29AM. Surprisingly just woke up. I was depressed yesterday to the point where I didn’t want to do anything. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with my brother M. couldn’t play Squad alone. Couldn’t install world of tanks or play Ravenfield. Couldn’t even masturbate. I was just so lonely and aimless and nothing was […]