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  • Project Ideas (Master List)

    I have a lot of ideas for webapps and games and videos and misc. Here are a bunch of them. peel.fm tweetbot anybody can tweet a peel url (ex: https://peel.fm/d4ebcf3) at this bot, which renders a loopable video of that drumloop before tweeting it for all to see and hear. https://peel.fm/ Interactive Programming Stream on […]

  • Online Art Tools

    Online Art Tools

    Lately I’ve been using a variety of online tools to create artwork for my NFT minting endeavors. Here are some of the tools that I’ve used and enjoy. Photomosh This one’s got an incredible amount of filters and effects you can apply to your image to make it POP. Create glitch effects, color remaps, add […]

  • Ludum Dare, Code in the Dark Aftermath

    Ludum Dare, Code in the Dark Aftermath

    I took part in not one, but two competitions last weekend. First was Ludum Dare 45, a competition to make a game in 48 hours. Second was Spokane Code in the Dark 2019, a HTML/CSS competition with a nightclub vibe. Code in the Dark had such a cool atmosphere. I met a gentleman who works […]

  • Ludum Dare 45 Struggles

    Ludum Dare 45 Struggles

    I woke up from a nap at 3:30PM and jumped on ldjam.com to check the theme. “Start with nothing.” 30 minutes into the competition, I fired up Atom, and opened the love2d wiki. I had a perfect idea. Kasane Teto starts with nothing. Just like she did when she was created. No friends. People thought […]

  • AGENTS of D.E.C.T.I.L.E: The Rotchford Incident

    AGENTS of D.E.C.T.I.L.E: The Rotchford Incident

    This is a mirror of the original announcement post on ludem dare game compo. It details a game I made in 72 hours during a game making competition. It is not playable at the moment because I took the servers down. My game is a mystery/paranormal/clue finding/deciphering game inspired by The Black Watchmen, SCP Foundation, […]

  • [Music] EYE.mp3

    [Music] EYE.mp3

    Here’s a track I made for my game, Agents of D.E.C.T.I.L.E.. It’s supposed to have a mysterious, supernatural feel to it. download

  • [Music] MANCY

    [Music] MANCY

    The name MANCY came from “Divine Cybermancy”. This track was supposed to be a dystopian cyberpunk-esque song, but it didn’t turn out that way! MANCY extend MANCY loopable

  • fart.io


    Here’s a Snapchat/Kickstarter satire video I put together while I was sick and bored.

  • [Music] HARD.mp3

    [Music] HARD.mp3

    I made this track for my brother on his birthday. He likes songs that go HARD! Here’s the “radio edit” HARD.mp3 Here’s the loopable version HARD_loopable.mp3

  • [Music] Lazer

    [Music] Lazer

    Here’s another LMMS creation. It’s a Work-in-Progress, but it’s so cool sounding that I wanted to share. download UPDATE I improved the synths and did some level adjustments download

  • [MUSIC] Steamtrain

    [MUSIC] Steamtrain

    It’s been awhile since I posted anything music related. I jumped back into LMMS recently and it’s actually kind of therapeutic. Sitting there, producing a tune and jamming with my headphones on is challenging and gratifying, but it doesn’t feel like work. Here’s my latest track, Steamtrain. download