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About five years ago I answered a question on — Can I close firefox browser tab or firefox browser from ubuntu terminal? My answer to this question was to use wmctrl, a CLI program to interact with an X Window Manager. I had completely forgotten about answering that question until today when I was…

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D.E.C.T.I.L.E. remote connection agent terminal

This is a mirror of the original announcement post on ludem dare game compo. It details a game I made in 72 hours during a game making competition. It is not playable at the moment because I took the servers down. My game is a mystery/paranormal/clue finding/deciphering game inspired by The Black Watchmen, SCP Foundation,…

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Want a magical cow to tell you your fortune? (Instead of that boring old fish?) Install cowsay  and fortune ! sudo apt-get -y install cowsay fortune Use command substitution on fortune  and have cowsay display it: cowsay $(fortune) Do this whole blog post in one step! sudo apt-get -y install cowsay fortune && cowsay $(fortune) && echo…

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