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  • Fri May 29 2020

    Fri May 29 2020

    Nine trading card sales this morning! I have discovered a new selling technique which might just take me to the next level! It’s this send offers feature of eBay– In the eBay Seller Hub there is a big list of items which are eligible for me to send offers. I think it’s basically just a […]

  • Character symbols I like

    Character symbols I like

    Here are some of my fav symbols. I’m putting them here so I can easily return to copy-paste when I need them. Name Symbol Code Peace sign ☮ ☮ (HTML) Smiley face ☺ 1 (Alt) Degrees symbol ° ° (HTML) Radians symbol ㎭ &#13229 (HTML) Bitcoin(?) symbol Ƀ U+0243 (unicode)