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  • Wed Feb 26 2020

    Wed Feb 26 2020

    I missed CoDA. I slept through it. I woke up at midnight and I didn’t know the time, so I told myself, “If I can make it to CoDA, I’m going to CoDA.” Nope. Lol. Not too worried about it. 2:49 AM. So far this morning, I have read out of 6 different books. I […]

  • Life is not going well

    Life is not going well

    DISCLAIMER: This is a Time Capsule Blog Post — Originally Written on October 11 2019.2021 Chris is doing much better. I am on a dead end path. I have no money to my name. I don’t know how I will buy groceries or pay my rent. I don’t think I can drive anymore because I […]

  • My Top 10 Sad Vocaloid Songs

    My Top 10 Sad Vocaloid Songs

    Not all Vocaloid songs are a happy go lucky celebration of the weather or polkas. Miku and friends sometimes delve into the genres of death, deceit, or tragic romance. Bitter sweet? Check. Wanna cry? Check. Here are my Top 10 sad Vocaloid Songs. 10. Hand in Hand Miku sings about wiping away another’s tears, and […]