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  • Tue May 19 2020

    Tue May 19 2020

    1:31 AM. I’m having trouble disconnecting. Story of my life LOL. I had a good coding session, learning about SVG and masking and animations. I’m figuring out how to animate the little spinny things in the cassette tape. (This code contains 364 words which means I gotta write 2364 words, not 2000) So yeah. The […]

  • Mon Mar 9 2020

    Mon Mar 9 2020

    9:48AM. There’s a big truck outside my window which I believe has an industrial wood chipper. It’s making a ton of noise and the house shakes. Every now and then I hear a chainsaw. My dad must have got a crew to come take care of the diseased trees. Apparently there are beetles which are […]

  • Sun Dec 1 2019

    Sun Dec 1 2019

    Written on Sun Dec 1 2019 @ 11:30 AM PST Family Mart Hatsune Miku figurine is completely adorable! Now I feel like a dog. But can you blame me? Miku’s figure is so impossibly perfect, I can’t help but get turned on. You know what Miku rarely shows off? Her ears. She wears headphones in […]

  • Martha Stewart

    Martha Stewart

    The following blog post was written on Monday November 18 2019 @ 9:17 AM PST No reason for the title. The name just happened to come to mind. This is another blog post in my “writer’s way” series, a series in which I must write 1500 non-stop. It’s all about the mental flow. Just get […]