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  • Mon Feb 24 2020

    Mon Feb 24 2020

    It’s a day and I’m sticking to it. I am not feeling too positive today. I don’t want to type. I want to give up and bury my head in the sand. I don’t know how I’m going to make rent, if my tax return doesn’t show up in the next few days. I simply […]

  • Tue Jan 14 2020

    Tue Jan 14 2020

    My nose feels plugged. Or it’s dry or something. I slept wonderfully last night, by the way! Amazingly, I slept on my back! I usually can’t get comfy on my back, but last night I had lots of dreams and I slept soundly. I even woke up automagically at 7:30 AM because I was afraid […]

  • Chris’s Counter-Strike Sound Pack

    Here’s a copyright-free Counter-Strike sound pack. I’m using this in my open source github project, CS-Radio. CS-Radio is a raspberry pi powered device which connects to two FRS radios (walkie-talkies) and plays sound files over the air. It’s for airsoft games. Because I wanted to distribute the files, I needed something copyright free, so I created […]

  • icecream.mp3


    A weired yet fun track I made about icecream or something… I’m pretty sure this track was spawned from pure boredom. frei downlaod Public domain!

  • tigger3.mp3


    Here’s a fun song that makes me think I’m playing a nitrome style video game with airplanes flying through a canyon with badguys everywhere. I made this one in LMMS. download tigger3 Public Domain! It would be cool to hear from you if you use this track in a project!

  • Tazarized Techno

    Tazarized Techno

    Bringin’ this over from chrisgrimmett.com It’s zappy and a bit dirty. There may or may not be pterodactyl call in the background. Somewhat progressive and mostly repetitive. I made it back in the day with LMMS. frei downlaod Public Domain!

  • Spiked Revolver

    Spiked Revolver

    Here’s a revolver! I think everything but the handle turned out, it seems too flat. I had one heck of a time working with patterns in inkscape; I could create and use patterns just fine, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to rotate, scale, or translate the texture once […]