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  • League of Legends on Ubuntu 14.04 (September 2016)

    I’m switching from OSX to Ubuntu, and I’d like to be able to play my favorite game. Playonlinux has an install script for League of Legends, but it hasn’t been maintained in awhile, and there are some show stopping bugs. Here is how I got League of Legends to run on Ubuntu 14.04 in September […]

  • ASUS K35e Maximum RAM

    ASUS K35e Maximum RAM

    I have an ASUS K35e which has been a great laptop for the past several years. Recently I got into using virtual machines for many tasks, and the stock 4GB of RAM no longer cut it; my computer ran very slowly during this work. I did some research and I couldn’t get a straight answer […]

  • How to create a Python virtual environment for OpenBazaar

    How to create a Python virtual environment for OpenBazaar

    You may run into errors when running OpenBazaar-Server. One common error is this: Traceback (most recent call last): File “openbazaard.py”, line 8, in <module> import stun ImportError: No module named stun This happens because Python (which is running OpenBazaar-Server) doesn’t have access to the Python module, stun. If you have already run the command, pip […]

  • How to Install OpenBazaar-Server on AWS (@mariodian method)

    Openbazaar on AWS via @mariodian’s guide For this guide, you will need a little patience, a notepad, and a BASH shell with SSH support. If you’re on Linux or OSX, you have everything you need. If you’re on Windows, you will need to download Cygwin, PuTTY, or if you’re on Windows 10, you’ll need Bash. […]

  • Installing OpenBazaar-Server on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

    User setup log in as root ssh root@x.x.x.x -i ~/.ssh/openbazaar create openbazaar user useradd -m -s /bin/bash openbazaar give openbazaaar user sudo access usermod -a -G sudo openbazaar give openbazaar user a password passwd openbazaar give openbazaar user the pubkey mkdir /home/openbazaar/.ssh cp /root/.ssh/authorized_users /home/.ssh/ chown -R openbazaar:openbazaar /home/.ssh/ Dependency Installation add third party dependencies […]

  • OpenBazaar Server on a headless Ubuntu 12.04

    OpenBazaar livenet is here, and I’m excited to get selling! I don’t have the greatest computer or internet, so I decided to run my OpenBazaar server not on my workstation, but on a dedicated computer in my basement. Here’s how to do the same on Ubuntu 12.04! User It is important to run openbazaar as […]

  • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1950 on Ubuntu 14.04

    I got one of these TV capture devices so I could watch and record TV using my compy. Out of the box, it didn’t work on Ubuntu 🙁 Ok, so here’s what I did to get it working Power the device using the wall wart plug in USB run `$ dmesg` in ubuntu terminal notice […]

  • Bitcoin Q&A October 2015

    Bitcoin Q&A October 2015

    BitCoin can turn sour in a split second, where is the tangibility…? (link) The tangibility is in the physical goods you can buy with it, or converting it to your local currency. Sites like btcjam where you can do worldwide micro loans. Many lenders chip in a small amount in bitcoin, borrowers cash out to […]

  • Installing OpenBazaar Beta on Ubuntu (Early October 2015)

    I’ve been super stoked about OpenBazaar from when I first saw video presentations in 2013 teasing about it. As a freedom lover, I’m huge into cryptocurrencies and peer to peer, decentralized software. I’ve been a long time user of eBay, and have never been happy with it or paypal. Should it deliver on it’s promises, […]

  • RadioShack USB Analog Macro Controller 2603666

    RadioShack USB Analog Macro Controller 2603666

    My brother has one of these controllers and I borrowed it to play some Super Mario 64 on my laptop using mupen64plus. The L2 button (button5) had some macro programmed into it that was pressing three buttons in rapid succession, start button, Left trigger, start button… It would bring up the menu then click something […]

  • Why haven’t we seen video from the Curiosity Mars rover?

    I was curious about this so I did some research. From what I gather, there are a few reasons. Curiosity has a 32Kbps connection to earth, or if using one of the two martian satellites as a repeater, up to 256Mbps. The connection is only usable for about 16 hours per earth day due to […]