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  • Thu Apr 30 2020

    Thu Apr 30 2020

    I woke up this morning feeling very tired. I had a hard time opening my eyes and getting out of bed. I’m definitely hung over from playing Minecraft last night. I was tired but I played anyway. It was a fun time. I got made fun of for my rudimentary and unpleasant looking sky bridges. […]

  • Low-Latency Apps for Online Karaoke & Music Jams

    Low-Latency Apps for Online Karaoke & Music Jams

    Jamulus Jamulus is a cross-platform application to jam with friends online https://jamulus.io/ Sublive Sublive is a software package for Windows and Mac for low-latency audio collaboration. https://jamulus.io/ FarPlay Farplay helps users get rhythmic synchrony online and works on Linux, Windows, and Mac https://farplay.io/