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Tag: libertarian

Thank you for electing me president.

Thank you for electing me as President of the United States. Now that I’m in power, I’d like to recognize some wrongdoings in recent history. I think someone made a mistake on and mislabeled, “THE PUBLIC SERVANTS” as “THE ADMINISTRATION.” Sorry about that, I’ll have that fixed ASAP. Hmm,…

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I’m just gunna write random stuff cuz I’m feeling weird. I bought an electric longboard with a bitcoin loan. I’m into IPFS right now, I think it’ll change the web in a great way. I want to learn Golang so I can read IPFS code. Also I think it’ll be…

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Non-violent, free market solutions to today’s problems

Some points were brought up in the comments of a libertarian youtube video with the goal of dissolving government: Are you against taxes in general or just federal taxes? Local taxes keep the community functioning. What form of government will you replace the existing government with? What about national security…

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