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  • Nice Quiet Sunday

    Nice Quiet Sunday

    Written on Sun Nov 24 2019 @ 11:41 AM PST I awoke to my dad’s voice outside calling for the dogs. Because of his calls, he intruded into my dreams. How annoying. It’s 11:42 AM and I’m just geting up. Yikes. What happened to my leet schedule of waking up at 6AM? I gotta get […]

  • Time Capsule Blog Posts Publishing Imminent!

    Time Capsule Blog Posts Publishing Imminent!

    Written on Sun Dec 1 2019 @ 12:47 PM PST During November 2019 I wrote a blog post every day. Or was it almost every day? I might have missed a few days. The point is, I never published these blog posts. Instead, I set them to automatically publish in two years. I treated these […]

  • Life is not going well

    Life is not going well

    DISCLAIMER: This is a Time Capsule Blog Post — Originally Written on October 11 2019.2021 Chris is doing much better. I am on a dead end path. I have no money to my name. I don’t know how I will buy groceries or pay my rent. I don’t think I can drive anymore because I […]



    October 2015 edit: Delaying again. The feels still feel. Let’s give it 5 years. August 2014 edit: Delayed publishing until 2015 because I still don’t want to see this published This is a time capsule blog post! The first of many. I wrote this post on July 4th, 2013 and I scheduled it to be […]

  • My Ludum Dare 47 Experience

    My Ludum Dare 47 Experience

    I had a wonderful weekend doing Ludum Dare 47, a 48 hour global game jam. I have been planning for this event for months, ever since I had an inspiring idea to create a combat spell casting game which involved Espers vs. Mages. It was back in July when I came up with this game […]

  • Webapps for Social Distancing

    Webapps for Social Distancing

    We’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our lives are being changed by the lockdowns, cancelled group meetings, and mandated social distancing. I’ve always been fascinated with screen sharing apps, video chat, and video sharing experiences which require no downloading and exist solely in a web browser, and now more than ever is […]

  • Becoming Exceptional

    Becoming Exceptional

    The job hunting process has taught me that nobody cares about mediocre people; applicants who don’t stand out don’t get considered. Exceptional people get jobs. Exceptional people get paid well, get paid to do what they love. Companies don’t wait for exceptional people to apply, companies actively seek them. I simply have to look to […]

  • I’m an Addict.

    I’m an Addict.

    I am a net junkie. I have been for my entire adult life. I have been late to work on countless occasions because I couldn’t bring myself to disconnect at night when I should be sleeping. This started in my teens when I would play Battlefield 1942 until 2AM. I was dropped out of high […]

  • I’m in Love with Hatsune Miku 初音ミク

    I’m in Love with Hatsune Miku 初音ミク

    I was playing Project DIVA f last night when I realized something. Miku has changed my life. The realization came to me after I beat Project DIVA f on normal difficulty. The credits began to roll on the Weekender Girl stage with an instrumental medley of the most recognizable Project DIVA f songs. With no […]

  • Why I’m Vegan

    Why I’m Vegan

    The other day a friend asked me, “why are you vegan?” This isn’t a question I’ve been asked recently, and my reasons for my diet have evolved over the years. I thought I’d go into depth about why this is. It’s kind of a long story! It started in my late twenties, when I was […]

  • Grimtech workout program

    Grimtech workout program

    Are you feeling tired, day in and day out? Are your legs, back, or buttocks feeling sore from sitting at the computer all day? Well you’re in the right place because the 2019 Grimtech workout program has just arrived! Doctors don’t want you to know about this one simple trick… Every time you get up […]