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Tag: Life

Vegan Pizza

I like making vegan pizza. but I always forget the recipe! Here’s my favorite howto video from TheVeganZombie that I go off of, along with the transcribed recipe. Here is the recipe

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Let’s take a look through the Hubble Space Telescope. Let’s zoom in a little bit, then enhance the image like an episode of CSI. What just happened? At the end of that video, the zooming in stopped! I wanted to go DEEPER! Good thing I have the brain of an…

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Vegetarian Peace

I think vegetarianism is necessary to obtain world peace. For humans to become more peaceful, the notion that humans are some sort of supreme, dominant, blessed creature must be dropped. This egotistical mentality extends to sex, race, religion, and even geographical proximity. This mentality creates enemies, causes wars, and might…

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I’m just gunna write random stuff cuz I’m feeling weird. I bought an electric longboard with a bitcoin loan. I’m into IPFS right now, I think it’ll change the web in a great way. I want to learn Golang so I can read IPFS code. Also I think it’ll be…

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