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  • Sat May 23 2020

    Sat May 23 2020

    I’m going to spend my 2000 words on writing a non-journal post today. How to close Firefox from the ubuntu commandline That post was only 667 words so I’m going to write 1333 words here. What a trip that was though. I forgot I even answered that question in 2015. I saw the notification in […]

  • Mon Apr 13 2020

    Mon Apr 13 2020

    I uploaded this video on the 11th but I forgot to add the video to that day’s post. Pretty funny, eh? I suppose the best effect is if you know the people who’s faces I borrowed. It’s hilarious to see B. dancing around since dancing is so not B. I guess he does dance but […]

  • Mon Apr 6 2020

    Mon Apr 6 2020

    I got an offer for this shitty electronic drum set. My shipping fee was way too low. I had it set at $12. Luckily someone sent an offer rather than buying it outright. This gave me a chance to package it up and determine exactly how much it will cost to send. $34.44 is what […]

  • Mon Mar 9 2020

    Mon Mar 9 2020

    9:48AM. There’s a big truck outside my window which I believe has an industrial wood chipper. It’s making a ton of noise and the house shakes. Every now and then I hear a chainsaw. My dad must have got a crew to come take care of the diseased trees. Apparently there are beetles which are […]

  • Mon Mar 2 2020

    Mon Mar 2 2020

    9:10AM. I already read a bunch of pages in I thought it was just me by Brene Brown, and I exercised. Walking, jogging, yoga, and pushups. Then I showered and packed and shipped 2 eBay sales and I walked them to the mailbox. I couldn’t do as much yoga as I wanted to do. As […]

  • Thu Jan 23 2020

    Thu Jan 23 2020

    I’ve been putting something off for awhile because it’s uncomfortable and the thought makes me uneasy. I have to tell my dad that I need to detach from him financially. I don’t want to take any more projects from him. It’s my time to blaze my own trail and it’s necessary I do so if […]

  • Sat Jan 18 2020

    Sat Jan 18 2020

    11:04 AM. I tried to get my computer to wake after 9 hours of being powered down. sudo rtcwake -m off –time +9hours Apparently this command is a no-go on my machine. It won’t wake from being powered off this way, but it will wake from being suspended. sudo rtcwake -m mem –time +9hours I […]

  • Sun Dec 22 @ 7:33 AM

    Sun Dec 22 @ 7:33 AM

    Good morning, USA! I’ve got a feeling that today will be a wonderful day. My internet doesn’t seem to be working. I am typing this post in gedit for the moment, rather than directly into WordPress like I normally do. I feel rather rested, for once! Yeah, network completely down, it seems. I wonder if […]

  • Mon Dec 16 2019 @ 11:45 AM PST

    Mon Dec 16 2019 @ 11:45 AM PST

    That was a crazy story yesterday, amirite? No crazy stories today, my dude. So my sleep schedule is drifting even more. I feel mad and disgusted about it. Yesterday I pretty much spent the whole day working on getting my new phone all modded out to my liking. By the end of the day I […]

  • Linux Laptops

    Linux Laptops

    Years ago it used to be that installing Linux on a laptop was a manufacturer unsupported thing that only hackers do. Nowadays, there are dozens of system manufacturers emerging that treat Linux as a first-class citzen and ship the machine pre-installed with a variety of LInux distros. Here is my list of Linux Laptops that […]



    October 2015 edit: Delaying again. The feels still feel. Let’s give it 5 years. August 2014 edit: Delayed publishing until 2015 because I still don’t want to see this published This is a time capsule blog post! The first of many. I wrote this post on July 4th, 2013 and I scheduled it to be […]