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  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 30

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 30

    [Verse]The other day, I went to my friend’s house.We had some fun. I didn’t want it to end.I hope that next, we’ll have another fun day.That’s how I’d like all of my days to be like. [Chorus]We would like to have fun.We would like to have fun.

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 29

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 29

    I was super busy today and not in the mood to make music. I couldn’t come up with anything other than this short melody.

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 28

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 28

    Here’s a quick little Medieval/Fantasy loop for today’s Jam.

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 27

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 27

    Nice big sound on today’s jam. It has lots of layers, just like Ogres. I’m feeling bittersweet about Jamuary coming to an end this week. Only four more jams to finish out the month long challenge! Here’s the loopable version

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 26

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 26

    Vocoder experimentation!

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 25

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 25

    I wanted to try and make a Eurobeat track today. I used a tutorial on youtube to accomplish this. I think it turned out alright. Next time I try Eurobeat, I want to make it from the heart, rather than copying a tutorial. Today was just an educational test run to see if I could […]

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 24

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 24

    VOCALOID 4 LYFE! This one was pretty time consuming to make. Mad props to all the VOCALOID producers out there who tune VOCALOIDS and make them sound fantastic. I takes a lot of time and dedication to make the vocals sound phonetically correct and good. I didn’t quite get there. The lyrics are based on […]

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 22

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 22

    My challenge for this jam was to make a track consisting of only chiptunes-style synths. I used BitInvader, sfxr, and Nescaline to make all the sounds.

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 20

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 20

    This one comes to you late because I was sick* and I feel asleep** and I just woke up***

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 19

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 19
  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 18

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 18

    Today was not a good day and I think that shows in this music jam. It wasn’t even a jam, it was just me trying to make the most horrible sounds possible. Maybe remove your headphones for this one!