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  • Tue Jun 30

    Tue Jun 30

    I fucked up my eBay product downsizing so bad. I accidentally ended ALL but 8 listings. I went from exactly 3000 listings to exactly 8 listings in a matter of minutes. I stressed out about this so hard last night. Couldn’t sleep. But then I talked aloud to myself and worked it out. It was […]

  • Sat Mar 28 2020

    Sat Mar 28 2020

    9:09AM. I binged last night on snack food. Ate a whole bag of Chex mix, had a large handful of dried mango, two large handfuls of soy nuts, a handful of almonds, and a can of olives. I think I stayed up until 3AM. I would have stayed up later had I not thought about […]

  • Another Scammer on Fiverr

    Another Scammer on Fiverr

    I got my first Fiverr order of 2019 today. A client was having difficulty using the audio/video tool ffmpeg, and contacted me with their problem. Their issue fit my ffmpeg Fiverr gig to the T, and I was excited to work for them. Fitting the original theme of the website, I submitted an offer to […]