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  • Writer’s Way #2

    Writer’s Way #2

    [Time Capsule Blog Post Written on Fri Nov 8 2019] Writer’s Waaaaaaaay! It begins again. Okay, I must force myself to write non-stop. Non-stop writing and just let everything out. Don’t focus on quality, don’t focus on speed, just focus on a good solid flow of thoughts in the mind travelling to thoughts on paper. […]

  • Idea Fragmentation in Discord Servers

    Idea Fragmentation in Discord Servers

    I’m on the VOCALOID Discord Server. Every so often, someone gets upset that Miku fanart gets posted to the #shitposting channel. #shitposting channel is described as follows. Channel for any off topic discussion, image dumps, memes, etc. Please use this to keep #lounge clean. I think the thing most people take offense to is that […]

  • Why I started a budget

    Why I started a budget

    When it comes to money, I’ve been a stereotypical millennial for the past decade. I handled my expenses backwards. After I got paid, the first thing I would spend money on is whatever fun gizmo I had been wanting. Bills always came last. My finances were a mess. I lived by a mantra I came […]

  • I’m getting a lot of spam messages on Fiverr. This is how I deal with it.

    I’m getting a lot of spam messages on Fiverr. This is how I deal with it.

    I re-activated my Fiverr profile recently, excited to get back into the flow of freelancing. If I recall correctly, my last gigs took place in 2015, and Fiverr has undergone some significant changes since then. One thing that caught my eye was the new Fiverr messaging system. I usually don’t appreciate my browser beeping at […]

  • Why I’m Vegan

    Why I’m Vegan

    The other day a friend asked me, “why are you vegan?” This isn’t a question I’ve been asked recently, and my reasons for my diet have evolved over the years. I thought I’d go into depth about why this is. It’s kind of a long story! It started in my late twenties, when I was […]

  • My Vocaloid Playlist

    My Vocaloid Playlist

    I’ve been following virtual J-Pop idol Hatsune Miku for some years now. My love for her music, smile, and all around happy aura led me to start a collection of her and other Vocaloid videos. This playlist contains all sorts of Vocaloid content. Original music, covers, medleys, TV spots and promos, album samples, projection technologies, […]

  • Squad Guidebook

    Squad Guidebook

    Squad is a multiplayer tactical first person shooter which emphasizes realism, teamwork and communication. An average game consists of finding a server, joining a squad, and immediately assisting that squad in their objectives. To be successful in said squad, you must coordinate, communicate, and conquer. A squad which coordinates attacks, communicates by calling out spotted […]

  • Good Quote

    Good Quote

    Here’s a quote I read on a Kombucha bottle which really resonated with me “Success is having the freedom to be yourself”

  • Valuing My Own Content

    Valuing My Own Content

    If I could make a living creating the type of content you see on grimtech.net, I’d be doing my dream job. Whatever the amount, there is value in what I post, and social media sites know this. Lately, I have been preferring posting to my blog rather than using social media. Those companies just sell […]

  • Living Frugally – A Discount Challenge

    Living Frugally – A Discount Challenge

    I had an idea of a challenge to try. Don’t pay full price for anything. That is not my usual way of living, but I figured it’s worth a try to cut down on expenses. The Never Full Price Challenge means no Amazon shopping, no non-discount groceries, no new clothes, no fast food… The goal […]

  • My thoughts on League of Legends: One for All

    My thoughts on League of Legends: One for All

    League of Legends: One for All is a special, limited time, featured game mode where everyone on your team plays as the same champion. The latest iteration of One for All happened between August 5-8 2016. The champions are chosen by a voting system. During pre-game, a random player from each team gets to ban […]