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  • Wed May 6 2020

    Wed May 6 2020

    It’s raining today. It’s not bad because it’s nice and cool. Yesterday was 77 or 78 degrees Fahrenheit in my apartment. I was burning up during video games. So apparently the beer bottles I found near the firepit were beer bottles from Elysium Brewing. I found some bottle caps today as I combed over the […]

  • Sun Apr 5 2020

    Sun Apr 5 2020

    I was supposed to receive a group text about the virtual boardgame day today. I didn’t get anything so I dunno what happened there. Maybe I gave the organizer the wrong number? Maybe Burnerapp sucks and I’m just not receiving group texts? I’m inclined to think that it’s Burnerapp’s fault. Burnerapp has so many issues. […]

  • Sun Feb 23 2020

    Sun Feb 23 2020

    I didn’t reach my target word count yesterday. I wrote for about 15 minutes or so, then I was too tired to write anything further. I blame sleep schedule madness. I need a job. I am nearing the point where shit is going to come collapsing down on me. Credit cards are maxed out… I’m […]

  • Low-Latency Apps for Online Karaoke & Music Jams

    Low-Latency Apps for Online Karaoke & Music Jams

    Jamulus Jamulus is a cross-platform application to jam with friends online https://jamulus.io/ Sublive Sublive is a software package for Windows and Mac for low-latency audio collaboration. https://jamulus.io/ FarPlay Farplay helps users get rhythmic synchrony online and works on Linux, Windows, and Mac https://farplay.io/

  • VocaloMark(bb) Mirror

    VocaloMark(bb) Mirror

    Description VocaloMark(ββ) is legacy benchmark software, released sometime around 2009, featuring hardware and software 3D performance testing provided by a Hatsune Miku performance. The publisher’s website now has a 404 error. ■概要初音ミクがアイマスのDo-Daiを踊る映像作品。独自物理エンジンによる滑らかなアニメーションを堪能できます。 例によって音声は付いておりません。ご了承ください。 現在もなお開発中。最終目標はミク・リン・レンの3人で躍らせること。 https://fakefar.jp/vocalomark.html (JP) ■ Overview A video work of Hatsune Miku dancing the Idolm @ ster Do-Dai. You can enjoy smooth animation […]

  • Rant: Technologically Inept Education Systems

    Rant: Technologically Inept Education Systems

    Warning: may contain sweeping generalizations and other emotionally triggered arguments I’ve been helping a client get a laptop set up for taking college classes. This client is not well-versed in the use of computers, and had difficulty getting things set up on their own. My client is taking college classes online. They log into their […]