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This is a supplemental checklist for my OWI Squad Squadleader Guidebook. The guidebook goes into depth about different topics I think are important, whereas this checklist is useful to have on hand when actually squad leading. This checklist is meant to be used while playing the game, in times when it is not obvious what…

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I was playing Squad this evening when I noticed a player with hearts in their gamer tag. I started to wonder which characters Squad would actually display correctly, since often I see blank boxes in player names These symbols work in Squad ♪◊♦●©®♂ȚɸɷɴӠԃ■□▲►▼♦₴Ω₵█♥♣♠♀♂€₭₪∆†₡₠∞√∑▒▓Ѻ±«¦¥¤¢£ɃÞ§¡ These symbols DO NOT work in Squad ☺☼♫ɎȸȹȺȾȽԖԦ֍֏◄▀●♯ⱷ☼₼☻◙ⱻ﴾░ﷺ۝۞ﷴ¶

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