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  • Fri Apr 3 2020

    Fri Apr 3 2020

    I forgive myself. I just want to start with that. Had a call with my therapist K. this morning. I started out the call in bad place, and I ended the call in a bad place. I woke up at 9AM and I took the garbage to the street, and some packages to the mailbox. […]

  • My Top 5 Ugliest Vocaloid Modules

    My Top 5 Ugliest Vocaloid Modules

    The VOCALOID community is vast, made up of people from all walks of life. It’s only natural that some of the thousands of module creations are not pleasing to the beholder. To that end, here are my to 5 ugliest VOCALOID modules. 5. Hatsune Miku Cute OK so this is number 5 because I actually […]