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  • My Top 5 Reasons to Become a VOCALOID Fan.

    1) The great music There are so many genres covered in VOCALOID music. There are mind blowing originals like World is Mine, ACUTE, and Erase or Zero. The list goes on. There are artists creating new music every day. Just peruse https://vocadb.net and find something new and fantastic. (Also Check out my VOCALOID Playlist with […]

  • Webapps for Social Distancing

    Webapps for Social Distancing

    We’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our lives are being changed by the lockdowns, cancelled group meetings, and mandated social distancing. I’ve always been fascinated with screen sharing apps, video chat, and video sharing experiences which require no downloading and exist solely in a web browser, and now more than ever is […]

  • Ludum Dare 45 Struggles

    Ludum Dare 45 Struggles

    I woke up from a nap at 3:30PM and jumped on ldjam.com to check the theme. “Start with nothing.” 30 minutes into the competition, I fired up Atom, and opened the love2d wiki. I had a perfect idea. Kasane Teto starts with nothing. Just like she did when she was created. No friends. People thought […]

  • Which ASCII Character Icons Render in OWI Squad?

    Which ASCII Character Icons Render in OWI Squad?

    I was playing Squad this evening when I noticed a player with hearts in their gamer tag. I started to wonder which characters Squad would actually display correctly, since often I see blank boxes in player names These symbols work in Squad ♪◊♦●©®♂ȚɸɷɴӠԃ■□▲►▼♦₴Ω₵█♥♣♠♀♂€₭₪∆†₡₠∞√∑▒▓Ѻ±«¦¥¤¢£ɃÞ§¡ These symbols DO NOT work in Squad ☺☼♫ɎȸȹȺȾȽԖԦ֍֏◄▀●♯ⱷ☼₼☻◙ⱻ﴾░ﷺ۝۞ﷴ¶

  • Squad Guidebook

    Squad Guidebook

    Squad is a multiplayer tactical first person shooter which emphasizes realism, teamwork and communication. An average game consists of finding a server, joining a squad, and immediately assisting that squad in their objectives. To be successful in said squad, you must coordinate, communicate, and conquer. A squad which coordinates attacks, communicates by calling out spotted […]

  • How Squad has changed my life

    How Squad has changed my life

    Squad has possibly been the most beneficial video game I have ever played. I have improved my communication skills through Squad; doing so is essential for a positive Squad experience. Squad requires often calling out bearings, distances, and relative terrain features when spotting enemies. All these things together make for good call outs, which isn’t […]

  • Ludem Dare 42

    Ludem Dare 42

    I will be participating in Ludem Dare 42 this weekend, August 10-12 2018 along with my brothers Michael and David. A few years ago, the three of us formed Team Rocket Propelled Chainsaw, a brotherly club who make video games. TeamRPC is re-united for the answer to life, the universe, and everything edition (42) of […]

  • AGENTS of D.E.C.T.I.L.E: The Rotchford Incident

    AGENTS of D.E.C.T.I.L.E: The Rotchford Incident

    This is a mirror of the original announcement post on ludem dare game compo. It details a game I made in 72 hours during a game making competition. It is not playable at the moment because I took the servers down. My game is a mystery/paranormal/clue finding/deciphering game inspired by The Black Watchmen, SCP Foundation, […]

  • League of Legends on Ubuntu 14.04 (September 2016)

    I’m switching from OSX to Ubuntu, and I’d like to be able to play my favorite game. Playonlinux has an install script for League of Legends, but it hasn’t been maintained in awhile, and there are some show stopping bugs. Here is how I got League of Legends to run on Ubuntu 14.04 in September […]

  • My thoughts on League of Legends: One for All

    My thoughts on League of Legends: One for All

    League of Legends: One for All is a special, limited time, featured game mode where everyone on your team plays as the same champion. The latest iteration of One for All happened between August 5-8 2016. The champions are chosen by a voting system. During pre-game, a random player from each team gets to ban […]

  • RadioShack USB Analog Macro Controller 2603666

    RadioShack USB Analog Macro Controller 2603666

    My brother has one of these controllers and I borrowed it to play some Super Mario 64 on my laptop using mupen64plus. The L2 button (button5) had some macro programmed into it that was pressing three buttons in rapid succession, start button, Left trigger, start button… It would bring up the menu then click something […]