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Tag: video games

Which ASCII Character Icons Render in OWI Squad?

I was playing Squad this evening when I noticed a player with hearts in their gamer tag. I started to wonder which characters Squad would actually display correctly, since often I see blank boxes in player names These symbols work in Squad ♪◊♦●©®♂ȚɸɷɴӠԃ■□▲►▼♦₴Ω₵█♥♣♠♀♂€₭₪∆†₡₠∞√∑▒▓Ѻ±«¦¥¤¢£ɃÞ§¡ These symbols DO NOT work in Squad…

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Squad Guidebook

Squad is a multiplayer tactical first person shooter which emphasizes realism, teamwork and communication. An average game consists of finding a server, joining a squad, and immediately assisting that squad in their objectives. To be successful in said squad, you must coordinate, communicate, and conquer. A squad which coordinates attacks,…

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AGENTS of D.E.C.T.I.L.E: The Rotchford Incident

This is a mirror of the original announcement post on ludem dare game compo. It details a game I made in 72 hours during a game making competition. It is not playable at the moment because I took the servers down. My game is a mystery/paranormal/clue finding/deciphering game inspired by…

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My thoughts on League of Legends: One for All

League of Legends: One for All is a special, limited time, featured game mode where everyone on your team plays as the same champion. The latest iteration of One for All happened between August 5-8 2016. The champions are chosen by a voting system. During pre-game, a random player from…

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RadioShack USB Analog Macro Controller 2603666

My brother has one of these controllers and I borrowed it to play some Super Mario 64 on my laptop using mupen64plus. The L2 button (button5) had some macro programmed into it that was pressing three buttons in rapid succession, start button, Left trigger, start button… It would bring up…

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