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  • Japanese – 下げる vs. 下がる

    Japanese – 下げる vs. 下がる

    In my quest for Japanese language proficiency, I have become stuck on many vocabulary. The latest is 下げる (sageru) and 下がる (sagaru). I know one means “to get lower” and the other means “to lower”, but I have had the most difficult time differentiating the two. They’re just too similar, and I often get the […]

  • How I am learning Japanese

    How I am learning Japanese

    Japanese anime has been an obsession of mine for my entire adult life. From cute, funny, sad and sexy, each series I watch draws me into the unique and sometimes wacky Japanese entertainment culture. Don’t get me wrong, I know most is just fantasy and the “real Japan” isn’t like it is in anime, however […]

  • Voluntaryism is wishful and full of hope

    In a YouTube video comment, Cody Heimbach said: Volunatryism, or I suppose the idea of it, seems to be the ultimate goal. Every person looking after one another in a collective society of like-minded people who are free from tyranny and oppression; this would be the ultimate achievement. However, to live in such a utopia, […]

  • Why haven’t we seen video from the Curiosity Mars rover?

    I was curious about this so I did some research. From what I gather, there are a few reasons. Curiosity has a 32Kbps connection to earth, or if using one of the two martian satellites as a repeater, up to 256Mbps. The connection is only usable for about 16 hours per earth day due to […]

  • Non-violent, free market solutions to today’s problems

    Some points were brought up in the comments of a libertarian youtube video with the goal of dissolving government: Are you against taxes in general or just federal taxes? Local taxes keep the community functioning. What form of government will you replace the existing government with? What about national security and social security? The following […]

  • My Pomplamoose Seattle Experience

    I bought my ticket months ago, and the concert day really snuck up on me. I was almost going to not go, and work on an arduino project instead, but I was like, “If I skip it I will regret it” so I packed a backpack full of water bottles and started driving. I stopped […]

  • AH-64E Debate

    AH-64E Debate

    Another undeveloped thought spawned from a YouTube comment. The video is Boeing’s New Apache: A Soldier’s Guardian I’ll be the first to admit, HELICOPTERS AND WAR MACHINES ARE AWESOME! There is however, nothing cool about war. Let’s all just simulate it in our video games so we don’t have to do it in real life. […]

  • Our Modern Society: Take A Nap!

    Our Modern Society: Take A Nap!

    We work hard, we get tired, we counteract the tiredness with excessive food and drink. We get fat. We get stressed. We lose sleep, and the vicious cycle sustains itself. I can’t stand this lifestyle; I detest it. That’s not how we’re meant to live, and I can’t understand how that lifestyle makes anyone happy. I […]

  • Open, Cross-Platform Gaming is the Future

    Open, Cross-Platform Gaming is the Future

    Spawned from a youtube comment, this blog post is! Historically, console gaming has forced gamers to choose a side and play games from only that side. It’s a money thing, a tactic employed by vendors to lock users into buying their product. I say the world needs more cross-platform games. There’s a game Shadowgun for […]