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  • Sat Jun 5 2021

    Vlog Self-Care Goals 2021 Comfy bed Fix breathing Dentist Cleanliness Fix Sleep Notes from CoDA (yes I actually went today!) 🙂 I feel shamed/scared/exposed when anon brought up dating someone. As if I had heard something I wasn’t supposed to hear. This highlights my religious trauma and how I developed a sense that romantic relationships […]

  • Wed Jun 2 2021

    ProjektMelody Bingo “It’s funny you say that” “Baggel” Hmm? Meow? “I’m all over the place today” I downloaded a <drink> God dammit “Brain hole” Vlog

  • Tue Jun 1 2021

    @todo affiliate link to aliexpress? Vlog Affirmations 32. I choose hope33. The answer is right before me, even if i do not see it now34. I’m thankful for… oatmeal apples smoothies peanut butter nice budget underwear from China Syncthing yoga with bird Dev log Today I learned about connect-flash, flash, and flash-fiction It feels weird […]

  • Mon May 31 2021

    Vlog Jamuary2021 Jam 31 A Jamuary2021 Jam 31 B

  • Sun May 30 2021

    Vlog Jamuary2021 Jam 30

  • Sat May 29 2021

    Vlog Jamuary Recipe https://www.yummly.com/recipe/Mexican-Black-Bean-and-Corn-Salad-9393326?prm-v1

  • Fri May 28 2021

    Notes from last night’s chat with CT Anonymous dobbs.town Candid natives of the spiritual father 1998 The big short B2 Vlog Jamuary

  • Thu May 27 2021

    Vlog Jamuary2021 Jam 27

  • Wed May 26 2021

    Vlog Jamuary2021 Jam 26

  • Tue May 25 2021

    Vlog Jamuary2021 Jam 25

  • Mon May 24 2021

    Vlog Jamuary2021 Jam 24