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  • Ludum Dare October 2021 Notes (Hell_OS)

    Ludum Dare October 2021 Notes (Hell_OS)

    Synopsis Ok so my idea for a LD48 game this time around is to build a multi-level alternate reality challenge game. A challenge prompt is displayed to the user in a web browser. The player must correctly answer the prompt to proceed to the next level. Tech stack I want there to be a good […]

  • DIARY – I Feel Like Shit

    DIARY – I Feel Like Shit

    DISCLAIMER! This is an old post, written on Mon Sep 16 2019 at 11:45 PM. This is written by 2019 Chris.2021 Chris is doing much better. I work tomorrow at 8:15. I loath the thought. 4th day at Performance Auto Parts working as a part-time delivery driver. I’m watching Joe Rogan #134 with Neil DeGrasse […]

  • Oh my goodness, the day has come.

    Oh my goodness, the day has come.

    Exactly two years ago, I started journalling in a way that I had never done before. I wrote down exactly what I was feeling, regardless of what I thought other people would think. At the time, I was very depressed. I was broken. I was angry with work and frustrated and co-dependent with my parents. […]

  • Movie Recommendations

    Movie Recommendations

    Movies that I’ve seen and really enjoy Parasite (2019) Hai-hil (2014) Mother (2010) Moss (2010) No Mercy for the Rude (2006) V for Vendetta (2005) Phone Booth (2002) The Matrix (1999) Office Space (1999) Bayside Shakedown (1998) Heat (1995) High and Low (1963) Movie recommendations from my friends that I haven’t seen yet Watership Down […]

  • I made a Music page

    I made a Music page

    I’ve been making electronic music as a hobby since… 2009? 2008? 2007? Sometime around then. I’m working on music today, participating in #Jamuary2021 right now! (4 months late LUL.) I decided to make a music page full of all the music I’ve made. It’s found at /music and all the tracks there can be downloaded […]

  • Cloud Workspace for Streaming on Twitch.tv

    Cloud Workspace for Streaming on Twitch.tv

    I’ve been experimenting with streaming on Twitch.tv with the goal of making connections, and sharing what I’ve learned. I have an issue with my home internet bandwidth which makes this tricky. There’s no way I can stream 360p@30fps on this connection, and use the internet for researching. I want to stream even though I have […]

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 21

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 21

    This one was admittedly low effort. Not every day can produce a good jam!

  • #Jamuary2020 Day 14

    #Jamuary2020 Day 14

    Cheat day! I’m releasing a previously unreleased track (or did I release it? can’t remember.) because there aren’t enough hours in the day!

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 9

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 9

    Ambient tracks are difficult! I have a hard time coming up with progression and song structure. This one I copped out and just made into a loop. Enjoy the spacey feeling!

  • #Jamuary2020 Jam 05

    #Jamuary2020 Jam 05

    I put my frustration energies into this one. Do you pick up on that energy?

  • St. Ezreal’s School of Espers

    St. Ezreal’s School of Espers

    Here’s a novel I wrote in 2017 for NaNoWriMo Big thanks to @mindsforge, @DoodleGarou, and @MuLlaak for the encouragement, support, and inspiration! I wouldn’t have ‘picked up a pen’ so to speak if it weren’t for you three! Also check it out on gitbook for an easy-to-read format. (editor’s note: git checkout 1108a75d108fad00763ed7161c26f7bc3733d83c) “St. Ezreal’s […]