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  • Sat Mar 27 2021

    Shopping list Rice vinegar Cashews Blk bean Chickpea Avocado onion, red corn tomato vegan pesto vloggity

  • Fri Mar 26 2021

  • Thu Mar 25 2021

    thought journal written on tuesday during CoDA I can’t share because someone else wants to share I don’t want to share because Anon. crosstalks I don’t want to be vulnerable I don’t want to share with these people When saying, “thank you <name>”, my voice is too authoritative, deep, loud, scary, or triggering to women […]

  • Mon Mar 22, 2021

    notes loving what is by Byron Katie 29th 9am thought journal I want to make sure my comment gets a good response I’ve already established my identity with D. so I have to maintain that identity Authoritative sounding people = god I don’t want to be overheard by my parents talking about sex or porn […]

  • Sun Mar 21 2021

  • Sat Mar 20 2021

  • Wed Mar 17 2021

    @todo purse affiliate link Hello It’s Chris Grimmett Just doing a quick check-in this morning. Here are some notes I took during CoDA last night. CoDA thought Journal I don’t want to be here I don’t want to give up my power I’m missing Ironmouse for this! I’m hungee I’m zoned out I appreciate that […]

  • Mon Mar 15 2021

    I think I might have got banned from Nerds United. Yesterday I opened Discord, looking for the Nerds United server, and it wasn’t there. I messaged a friend who is in Nerds United, to see if he can still see the server. I haven’t heard back yet. I tried to message the organizer but I […]

  • Fri Mar 12 2021

    I created a “Proof of Knowledge” on futuu.re today. I immediately regret it! grimtech just now Will unseal in 6 years, 11 months, 27 days 13:01:07 covid★ 1 was posted on Mar 12, 2021, 9:58:44 AM will unseal on Mar 11, 2028, 11:00:00 PM Hash sha1 636f35ef83aaf74edefa194cf0d7972209789c30 sha256 f28edd2961702c3ab4238886bee0fd53cd1b89f98bf3319f5ab360b84664df09 sha512 80a00403926a6924c8392643dabdd7b387b1827a0436aa6502e529de3e01faff5f593b6f60c59371463bbf8ba0684705d55bd6590acf340ed42b26e411edcf14 Well, here’s to hoping […]

  • Thu Mar 11 2021

    I skipped another social event. I went to a zoom group, “Resilience” though. Didn’t talk one peep, though. This means that I haven’t talked to anybody since Monday. I’m doing okay though. I did 45 minutes of yoga today. I took a nap, too. Here’s some notes notes Ride ya’ bike! npm run audio mp3 […]

  • Wed Mar 10 2021

    Hi there. I’m sad. I am lonely. I skipped all of today’s social activities. I did that because I’m an addict. I did that because I don’t want friends. I did that because I retain my perceived power when I stay in hiding. Today I built a website. https://pun.404.mn/ It randomly chooses a pun from […]