Terrifying Job Interview

TIME CAPSULE BLOG POST – Written on October 15 2019

Today I had a job interview via Zoom. It was terrifying.

The company sounds very nice, it is a 100% remote, worldwide company called Exodus. Their main product is a multi-currency crypto wallet. Very cool stuff indeed.

The company’s technical recruiter found me from a git commit I made to an open source bitcoin related project. They sought me out, which is something I’ve never experienced before, but welcome wholly!

So yes, I was terrified. It was two of my least favorite things. Talking to a stranger, and talking on a video call.

My internet was spotty during the call. I should have known. I have terrible internet. Like 5Mbps down, 0.5Mbps up. If I get this job, my internet is one of the first things I will be upgrading.

My computer mouse as well. The left button is sticking, and it’s dpi is so low, it makes accurate aiming in Squad difficult. My chair too. It is wooden and squeaky!

I was told the company pays $100,000 to $150,000 salaries. The technical recruiter asked me where I thought I fit into that range. I was absolutely shocked, I didn’t know what to say. I had in my mind that $70,000 would be a good amount. I was just so surprised to be asked that. Stupid me replied, “I’ve never even seen that much money!”

I passed on my portfolio. I don’t think I’ll be getting a response. I think this is a little bit of impostor syndrome, and a lack of experience in full effect.

I’m unsure if Lambda school is right for me at this point. I blew through their precourse in one day, it was no challenge whatsoever. Their main course material probably ups the difficulty in terms of social exercise and technical content, but if I’m getting contacted by recruiters, I’m not sure school is the right move.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see if Exodus is interested in my skills. If not, I have another lead at the hip and trendy NodeSWAT. Their office culture sounds very nice. I could work in-person, or remote. I would definitely chose remote, but I would love to work there.

I would love to work for Exodus as well. I was rather excited when their technical recruiter first contacted me. It’s just a waiting game now.

But again, I don’t think I’ll get a job offer at Exodus. I think I did rather poorly in the interview, and my code samples are mediocre. I don’t like talking on voice calls at all.

I went into it planning to fail, and hoping to succeed. I am just so nervous post-interview that I had to jump on the ol’ blog and express my feelings.

So what now? I guess I’ll go back to working on my ld36 rehaul. https://github.com/insanity54/agents is the repo, check it out! I’m happy with how the Vue app is shaping up, although I’m very disappointed with the CSS. Another thing I’m bad at and dislike… CSS is the bane of my existence!

Lambda School starts on the 28th. I think I’ll do Lambda School if I do not get a job. Assuming my application is accepted.. Damn, life is challenging.

I think I need to go for a walk, I’m so jittery from that social contact!

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