The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku

Written on Thu Nov 21 2019 at 11:55AM PST

My biggest complaint about Project Diva is how the shapes float on the screen. It’s inconsistent, and varies depending on the song, or can vary from a song helper being used such as Nano Targeter or Chaos Storm.

Very inconsistent indeed. Why does this matter? It makes forming reflexes difficult. Take Dance Dance Revolution for example. The chart flows from the bottom of the screen up to the top. When the arrows reach a certain point near the top of the screen, that’s when the player is expected to tap the corresponding arrows with their feet. The arrows come in at a consistent interval, matching the tempo of the song.

Advanced players can play DDR at incredibly high tempos because they have trained themselves to respond instinctively to the incoming arrows on screen. DDR’s presentation of the arrows is highly consistent across all songs.

Project Diva doesn’t have that. The charts in Project Diva are such that the player may see a circle coming in from the left, followed by a cross coming in from the top, followed by a square coming from the bottom, followed by a triangle coming from the right. The chaos is normal for every song.

I have found myself getting better at Project Diva, but I’ve also found myself forming bad habits as I try to quickly react to incoming shapes.

I’ve noticed that I hit the wrong button because I’m looking at the shape that is several beats away. For example, I hit cross right as it enters the screen, when I should be hitting circle. I’m at fault this way because playing by feel rather than planning ahead and hitting the note when the note is due.

I think what I’m doing is seeing the color of the incoming shape, and hitting the corresponding button of that color on beat of the shape that is due. Which is often the wrong button to be hitting.

I noticed something special after I had played League of Legends for many hundreds of hours. A subconscious reflex to respond to enemy threats. Sidestepping incoming enemy projectiles just became reflex. It was a fantastic feeling because it rose my game to a level I never thought possible. My reflex time improved drastically just because I had trained my brain to immediately respond to certain audio visual triggers.

I think I am beginning to form a comparable reflex in Project Diva, however it is very error prone at the moment. This is my biggest complaint about Project Diva. The shapes come in from various directions, which makes forming a reflex more challenging.

The game isn’t going to change for me, so I must adapt myself. My thought at the moment is that I cannot allow myself to use color as a trigger for button input. Instead, it must be the greyscale shape itself which is the first thing to appear on the screen.

A Project Diva F 2nd screenshot from YouTube

It’s the clock hand of the target I should be focused on. Although it is not moving as much as the incoming colored shape, it’s not as fun to look at. The timing indicated by the clock hand is the thing that counts towards my score, so this should definitely be my area of focus.

If I play enough, I’ll naturally get better. But if I focus my effort towards a certain goal, I’ll get better quicker.

It’s very fascinating how computers are now capable of some of the abilities of humans. Neural networks specifically. I’m training my neural network by playing Project Diva with the intent of getting higher scores. I don’t have much more to say on that random tangent LOL.

Back to Project Diva. I don’t like how the shapes fly in from so many directions, and there is no consistency on how those shapes fly in from song to song. The silver lining here is that the way those shapes fly in for a specific song will be exactly the same the next time I play that specific song.

For example, ACUTE on Project Diva f. I played that song so many times, it didn’t matter that the shapes come in from all directions. I played it enough to have a feel for the chart, and I could play it with my eyes closed on certain parts.

The silver lining is that once I learn the chart of a song, I have that song on lock. If I learn a song chart well enough, I could clear the song blindfolded.

In a way, this aspect of Project Diva keeps the game interesting. When I get a new song unlocked, I’m a complete noob. I struggle. I probably won’t clear it the first, second, or third time. I have to set the game down, take a break, and try again the next day. When I’m working I’m thinking about that song. Thinking of how the chart has a really tricky zone.

The chorus is circle, cross, circle, cross, not cross, circle, cross circle, right?

I’m working through the higher difficulty tracks of Project Diva f 2nd at the moment. I finally cleared The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku just last night. I still have several more to clear, and at times it’s a frustrating battle. My goal is to tackle one song at a time. I’ll play it through once, committed to doing my best. I’ll fail, set it down, and try again the next day.

That’s all it takes. Even just one song a day is an improvement. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, it’s an improvement.

I’m starting to think that the gaming reflex I’m looking for in Project Diva isn’t on a per shape basis. It’s on a per-song basis. Nah, that can’t be right. There has to be a reflex I can acquire after playing for so many hours. I’ll keep practicing to see if one naturally forms!

Since I’m on the topic of Hatsune Miku, I’ll just continue this topic.

Firstly, have some Hatsune Miku art.

This art is approaching the area of, “so cute it hurts.” A+++ highly recommend.

Ok so I was thinking more about my VOCALOID game idea. I got a pretty cool CSS grid to look like a isometric floor, but the next challenge is to have upright standing characters on the floor. I got into this in a scheduled blog post so I won’t get into it here. Instead… Hmmm what to talk about!

I had something on my mind Hatsune Miku related but I lost it. Well, I’m holding back on writing certain things because I don’t want to publish this if I write certain things. So I think for the purposes of this 1500 word writing flow, I’m just going to write about whatever the fuck I want to write about and just schedule this for 2 years out like I have been doing with most of the blog posts I’ve written this month.

So OK, filters off, let’s write about whatever the fuck we want to write about.

I sold some PoE injector on Bonanza. That’s right, I actually got a sale on Bonanza! Pretty amazing. Well, I wish I could get some sales on my card store on Bonanza, but I’m afraid my prices are turning people away. I did free shipping with a higher item cost to hopefully get more people interested in buying from me, but I think the item price is too high for people to even consider buying. That and Bonanza just doesn’t have the same amount of traffic eBay has. I’m closing down my eBay account. Their seller fees are completely untolerable. I’m outy, boiiiz!

That and my Paypal is locked. I cannot withdraw money from paypal for some reason. I have to actually CALL paypal to sort out the issue. I e-mailed them already after spending way too much time actually figuring out how to e-Mail Paypal. Their system is set up to put a huge, thick wall in front of people trying to contact a human. Their customer support has automated question after question attempting to categorize and narrow down what you are trying to get support with. Then if you go through all these decision trees, you can maybe get to the option which will get you in contact with a human. E-mail, chat, or phone.

I tried E-mail first, and got a canned message. I replied with essentially, “that didn’t help at all, something is wrong with my account I need a human.”

They got back to me with what was probably an automated message. “please call us” essentially. I don’t want to call Paypal! I hate talking on the phone. I’d rather go to the dentist than talk on the phone.

I tried the chat option, which seems like it was just there to make people feel like there are lots of options for support. In reality, there is either no chat option, or the chat is permanently broken and you can’t actually use the chat option.

So I have to call them, which I’m not going to do. So my options for withdrawing my paypal money is to not withdraw it at all, an simply buy shit I need using Paypal. #BitcoinFixesThis.

Yeah, Bitcoin does fix this. Paypal won’t let me access MY MONEY. As long as I have my Bitcoin keys, I can access my money. So the solution here is to outgrow eBay and find a auction site that lets me earn Bitcoin!

Unfortunately that market is incredibly small. I have tried using OpenBazaar close to 4 times. I always back out because the OpenBazaar economy is as empty as a politician’s soul.

LOL that joke. I’m so funny. Ok that’s my 1500 words for the day, I’ll be here all week! Thank you Chicagoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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