Thu Apr 22 2021


Notes from talking with C.T.

  • Volatility smile
  • Doom Metal
  • Need help with code?
  • Analytics
  • OBS
  • David Dees
  • Stinky Joe
  • Schitzltipo
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Destrudo

Notes from therapy

what does my ideal self not look like?

  • Controlling
  • angry
  • judgemental

what are the opposites?

  • accepting
  • free
  • calm
  • open

I have no control

reach out to Chris

And Matt


Social activities Week of Apr 12

Mon- Schedule appt. with Chris & Matt


Wed- Video game, power of 5

Thu- Power of 5

Fri- Power of 5

Sat- CoDA

Sun- Teriyaki fest, Mahjong

random notes

“Zoomer Boomer Coomer” on a sticker

Zoom Boom Coom

Fully automated VTuber schedule-chan

  • responds to users – GPT-3
  • Nots & others gestures
  • Always on time

notes from CoDa tuesday

I made a mistake I talked over someone in Zoom and didn’t apologize

“There is no self”

Traditionally speaking

UPDATE SMS with person in charge of phone contacts

notes from CoDA saturday

In the moment CODA publications book

“In this moment I am responsible for my actions”

“In this moment it’s OK to feel feelings.”

“In this moment I’m in the moment”

Listen, don’t try to fix.

I can reject or accept

I don’t need to take them on


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