Thu Aug 13 2020

I woke up before my 7:30 alarm. I didn’t want to. I wanted to continue sleeping, but I guess my body wanted to be awake.

It’s probably because I had to poop. I didn’t realize it until I got up out of bed. I guess I should listen to my body in the morning.

I took care of the toilet issue. I’m really stiff this morning. I didn’t have enough yoga in my life the past few days. I’ve been doing so much sitting at the computer.

3 orders to pack and ship today. One of them is a radioshack Midi keyboard that I’m really not looking forward to shipping. I probably have to make a custom box. I make shitty custom boxes and they’re usually just covered in tape. A box stapler would be much better for the task of making custom size boxes out of varying size boxes, but I don’t have one of those.

I don’t want to put it in my mailbox if it’s a huge box. I might end up riding to FedEx today with the box half sticking out of my backpack.

My small backpack won’t do the trick. I’ll have to use my LA Police Gear 3 day backpack which is a bit bigger that my Jansport backpack.

I sold the Prememo Hatsune Miku part2 starter deck that I had in stock. Bye bye, Miku! Maybe I should have opened that deck in order to get the signed card out of it. Oh well, it’s too late now.

I like having the bigger price orders of starter decks and booster boxes. I think those are the things I need to sell more of in order to become profitable.

Speaking of profitable, it’s Aug 13 which means it’s BILL TIME

I had to pay my phone bill this morning. I thought it was going to occur automatically due to autopay, but apparently there was some issue with that. Either I didn’t enable it last month, or it has a problem using my paypal debit card. I assume it’s the latter issue because I manually tried to charge my paypal debit card, and the transaction didn’t go through.

I switched my phone payment to pull from my bank debit card, and the autopay payment went through.

Last month when I paid, I clicked the “make a payment” button rather than the “autopay” button. I think I overpaid by about $20 because I didn’t click the autopay button. Or maybe the autopay button wasn’t available because I didn’t pay on time?

Last month, I think my autopay payment didn’t go through because my bank account didn’t have enough money in it. At the time, I was thinking that using autopay to make a late payment was not an option, so I used the regular “make payment” button. I don’t think I re-enabled autopay at that time, or maybe I did, but autopay failed today because of the paypal debit card.

I’ll never be sure of what happened, but going forward, I adjusted the reminder e-mail from my calendar to say something like, “ensure sufficient bank funds and ensure autopay is enabled”

The phone bill is paid, and in two days I gotta deal with the eBay seller fee bill. It’s going to be right about $203.

I only have $190 in my paypal right now. I’m not worried about it because there’s a stimulus check coming.

Oh shit, the stimulus check won’t be here until the last day of August at the soonest. It’s more likely that the stimulus check won’t be here into September.

Basically it’s mid-month and I don’t have the funds to pay rent at the end of the month.

Goddamn, this is getting old. It’s becoming increasingly clear that I don’t have stable finances.

I mean, I’ve known this, but I just keep operating as if I do.

Mr. Chris, let’s accept the reality that the eBay store isn’t cutting it.

I accept, and yet I persist. The life of an entrepreneur is the life I want. I’ve wanted it since I was young, before I even knew the word, ‘entrepreneur’.

meta: Is single quotes appropriate how I just used it? I’m not quoting, I’m just highlighting. I don’t know.

I’ve got $250 worth of assets in cryptocurrencies. I’ve got the potential for many sales on eBay. I could donate plasma (and get paid for my time)

Fuck, I don’t want to donate plasma. That’s one thing that I think is a huge scam. My plasma would be worth thousands of dollars, and I get paid what, $60 for it? It’s complete bonkers bullshit.

I got the idea to donate plasma recently, because of Ironmouse’s plea for people to donate plasma if they can.

The problem with me donating plasma is that I think I’ll immediately be really tired afterwards. I would need to rest immediately, but that’s not an option because I don’t have a car that I can use to be home in like 10 minutes.

It’s going to take a half hour to get home, during which time I’ll need all my energy to propel myself forward on my bicycle, and get up the physically demanding hill at the end.

The act of donating plasma contains a logistics problem that I’m simply not equipped for.

The $400 rent invoice still looms.

No excuses! I’m going to come up with that money one way or another!

Right now I need to get on those eBay orders. More later.

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