Thu Aug 20 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to make during Ludum Dare in October. Initially I was thinking of a multiplayer first person shooter, but I think that would inevitably fail, as most my large ideas fail during Ludum Dare.

I’m trying to think small. The other day I saw my brothers playing MTG and it gave me the thought– why not make a card game?

A card game can be as complex or as simple as I want it to be, and a card game seems like an absolutely fantastic thing to make within a 48 hour game jam. A card game has no development learning curve, can be made completely without using any software, and the final product consists of only paper!

I’ve been thinking about the first person sorcerer idea, but in a card game rather than a first person shooter. What would it look like? I wanted to dive into this concept a little more, and get some concepts drafted so I can get a better idea of how the game would look, and how it would be played.

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