Thu Dec 26 2019 @ 7:23 AM

I awoke to a noise that sounded like boiling water. The noise was coming from one of my in-wall heaters and I quickly arose and checked it out. A small amount of black smoke billowed from the enclosure so I quickly disconnected power to my heaters.

Upon removing the outer grill, I found that a warning sticker had un adhered from wherever it had been stuck, and had proceeded to get stuck in the roller fan. That roller fan spinning against the rigid sticker produced a flapping sound when at inconsistent flappage sounded a lot like bursting bubbles in a vat of boiling liquid.

I removed the remains of the sticker and the crisis was adverted. I had a previous issue with this heater. It produced smoke on another occasion which prompted me to disconnect power and remove the grill. I found a dead spider but never noticed the sticker.

The sticker I removed was missing half of itself. Luckily the material it was made of seemed somewhat resistant to heat, so it didn’t burst into flames like a regular paper sticker would have. Instead, it was a slow melt, followed by it’s breakdown and partialization over the span of several weeks.

Partialization doesn’t seem to be a word. Partialize is, so I’m just going to roll with it. One of it’s meanings is, “To make or be partial.”

I’m not sure my smoke detector works. I haven’t heard it go of for any reason. I have been cooking a lot, burning paracord ends indoors, and I haven’t heard that metal detector beep. I should test it. I’m going to do it now.

It beeped nice and loud. You know, I think those might go bad. The cheap ones have some sort of radioactive element in them which decays over time. The better ones use a laser to count particle concentration in the air.

Oh, I spent my holiday gift amazon cards already. I bought parchment paper, padding compound, and inbetween tooth brushes.

The parchment paper is for writing hand-written letters to friends and family. I checked the reviews and people said it is good for fountain pens. It looks nice as well. I will have to wait and see how it feels!

Next I got padding compound so I can make my own notepads. I figure I can save some money doing this.

I still need to find some paper somehow. Or I can simply collect scraps like I’ve already been doing. I come across chipboard every so often in packaging. Alternatively, I think I could use cereal boxes.

I got a small amount so I could just experiment to begin with. I just had the thought to use it on the parchment paper! Then I could make some nice writing pads to go in my PlanAHead #70689 Padfolio which I’ve been taking with me when I go out. I’ve consumed the writing paper on the pad it originally came with so now I gotta restock the writing pad somehow.

I just have to keep my eyes open for some paper. I think a lot of people have paper they don’t want which just lays around. Even if it’s been used on one side, I could collect enough of that refuse paper and turn it into a hip and trendy recycled writing pad!

I wanna write with my pen! I did a quick search to see if there was a device like I was thinking of yesterday. I don’t think there is, and it’s probably a good thing since I can only imagine a version with shitty, unmaintained software.

Lifehacker has an article which has some suggestions for translating handwriting to an electronic format. It suggests using an app such as Evernote or OneNote. Using the app, I could take a picture of my document using my phone, and the document would be translated to text via optical character recognition (OCR.)

Pretty cool idea. I’m not sure I want to get into using another proprietary app, but I guess I’m asking for a feature that is somewhat outlandish, so I should be prepared to run proprietary software to achieve my desired result.

The article also suggested document scanners. I have a Doxie actually. It’s importing software does feature the ability to export to EverNote, which would be another way to handle OCR.

I wanna go back to bed. Work on the day after Christmas is not a good idea. My dad is a workaholic! In this case, I get it. He made a promise to his tenants that his building would be ready on the first of the year, so he’s scrambling to get everything done.

I don’t like this work! I’m not happy doing this work. I belong at a computer screen, running unit tests and writing deploy playbooks.

I’d rather be writing Javascript. I’d rather be sleeping. If I became a shirt designer, slapping those phrases on a T-shirt would be my first two designs.

You know, I am so many things! I’m an artist, a web developer, a cook, a rollerblader, a music producer, a game developer, a lawn mower.

More of these things could be useful in generating income for me! I’m so talented, but I lack something…

Social skills, perhaps. The ability to turn my actions into meaningful value for others.

Seriously, the day after Christmas is not a work day. I should have refused!

There is not enough time to write, study, and exercise before I have to go help my dad with his building. I want to take a nap as well.

You know, I think I need to get better sleep somehow. I just woke up, yet I’m ready to go back to sleep. I should feel rested! What the hell!

Maybe I would benefit from recording myself sleeping. Do I toss and turn a lot? Do I snore?

I’ve been hearing about sleep apnea quite a bit as of late. I’m pretty sure I have it, as I have caught myself not breathing on occasion. Maybe I prefer sleeping on my belly because my airways are less restricted that way?

Joe Rogan talks about having a mouth piece which holds his tongue down and gives his airways more space. Maybe solving my sleep apnea is as simple as getting a similar mouthpiece made?

There are also CPAP machines which apparently help some people. I don’t even know what CPAP stands for, but it might be worth investigating.

Firstly, I need to make myself aware of the problem. To what extent do I snore? To what extent do I stop breathing?

With the aid of technology, I’ll have to conduct my own sleep study!

Am I one more thing now? A sleepologist? I don’t think that’s the correct term, but I’m rollin’ with it!

I am so tired. I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. I just wanna finish writing so I can sleeeeeeep. I’ll get a quick nap in before I have to work. I can nap instead of go walking. Maybe I should not nap, and walk instead?

Well, I do need a day off from training. Yesterday was my first day off. I get 2 days off. I’m prescribed 5 training days a week. I’m afraid I’ve been over-training to the point where I’m experiencing that phenomenon when muscles grow too fast and start sticking to themselves. I had it in my calf one time when I was getting started with vivobarefoot running shoes and training every day.

Don’t get me wrong, the shoes are wonderful, and they’ve been my most favorite shoes EVER. I ran two Bloomsdays in mine. The shoes weren’t the problem, my training regimen was. I trained every single day, trying to run 5K or something. I ran even if I was hurting.

My calves couldn’t take it. They gave out. I was in incredible pain to the point where I could barely walk. The new style of running on my toes, avoiding heel striking was not something my body was used to. My muscles had to adapt and grow. They became stronger in areas, but at a rate that was unsustainable.

I was grounded. I couldn’t run. For weeks after that, my calves made a popping sound when I actuated my ankle. I did some reading and it seemed to be that my muscles were catching inside a so-called sheath. They would bind for a second before snapping forward. It didn’t hurt, but it made an audible popping or clicking sound and produced a feeling that was very disturbing.

My knee is making a similar popping sound now. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s psychologically uncomfortable.

I think my training regimen of walking, squats, burpees, and jogging has started off a little too strong. I need days to rest and let my body recuperate before I resume my training.

5 days a week is good. I’m not about to derail from my positive routine. I do however need to switch things up a little more, and maybe do some upper body strength training on some days rather than do squats.

Burpees could be replaced with just regular pushups as well. The repeated jump to the plank position and back have a definite charge on my knees.

I was thinking of cycling as well. Cycling has been a big part of my past. If I had the cash, I would consider buying my own bicycle. For now, I can always borrow one from my family.

Oh boy, what a shitty start to the day. I awake to my heater burning itself. My sleep was terribad.

Now that I think about it, I awoke several times during the night. I was cold, so I had to put on an extra blanket. I like sleeping in the cold, but last night had a little too much chill.

Maybe it’s my bed. Maybe it’s time to purchase a replacement.

Fuck me. It’s 8:30 and I gotta be at work at 10. I should be sleeping right now if I am to have a nap before work.

I’m only at 1600 words. Perhaps I should take a break? I’m going to take a break. I write best when I am in a good mood.

I took a nap and I feel much better now. It’s 10:13 and we were supposed to start work at 10. But my dad texted me and said he won’t be ready until 11. I’ll just wait then, and blog!

Now I will type what I’ve written this morning, because my fountain pen is amazing!

I need to sleep but I don’t want Christmas to be over! I don’t want to stop feeling happy. I don’t want to feel sad when I have to go to work tomorrow.

It’ll be okay. I will get some money for my time and effort, and it will feel good to help my dad.

At least Jepurdee, or the rush to prevent Jepurdee is over. Now I can focus on something else. Like making some $$$ so I can gift more friends on Discord, or outfit my suburban to be the greatest mobile home ever!

Goddamn, I love this pen!!!!

1800 words. I’m just not feelin’t right now. And you know why? Because I have to work today. I am so anxious about it that I can’t concentrate on my writing. I am feeling burdened by the thought of being stuck at this job forever. I have not been successful at monetizing the work I love, so I get stuck doing the work I despise.

I’m miserable right now, and writing is not fun because I cannot dedicate my mind to it. My mind is occupied by the looming work session which is about to start.

This work session is throwing off my daily routine. The routine I need to keep myself mentally well.

7:30 ish I get up, and write for about an hour. Then I study. Then I’m ready to go outside and train. I train for about an hour then I come inside and start cooking food. While the food is cooking, I work. I work until 3PM when I get so hungry that I eat all the food.

Then I work until 6. Then I eat again and watch YouTube.


I like my routine. I LOVE IT. I LOVE MY ROUTINE!


I have my routine. I have my purposes, I have my forte. FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE.

I can fuck everything else once I have my own place. Then my dad can’t dictate how I live. He can’t get me to work for him for a shitty wage.

He keeps saying how I built his retaining wall better than the crew that charged $45 an hour. I think they had two people working, but my dad keeps saying he wishes he kept me on that job instead of pulling me off and having them work on it. Their section of wall sagged.

I get free rent for working for my dad. That is a silver lining. I don’t work full time either, which is an additional perk.

The fact remains that I FEEL MISERABLE when I have to work. I lose sleep because I don’t want the next day to begin. My schedule becomes skewed. My routine breaks apart.

I’m at 2000 words. I’m out, fuck this blog post!

I’m grateful for my fountain pen. I’m grateful for dried fruit. I’m grateful for mouthwash.

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