Thu Feb 25 2021

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Hello good day. I’m going to try to make daily blogging a habit.

This sounds familiar.

brb gotta poop

Poop completed. 10/10 would recommend.

Today I’m focusing on self care. yesterday was really good in terms of self care. I did more yoga than normal, which left me feeling really relaxed. I slept well.

Also yesterday I rode my bike for over an hour. I took Evergreen to the Appleway Trail, then rode that to Sullivan. I went to Fred Meyer, got groceries, then took Barker home. It was a really nice ride, although my knees were really feeling shitty after riding up Chapman hill with all the extra grocery weight.

Today I’m feeling very grateful that I went to the grocery store yesterday, because today it’s snowing and windy and there’s no way I could make it to the grocery store via bicycle today.

I’m getting a popcorn maker! I saved 15% by buying via Fuck yeah. It’s arriving today.

I wouldn’t have bought the popcorn maker if I could have figured out how to pop the corn in my apartment any other way. I tried on the stovetop, I tried in my instantpot. I don’t have a microwave.

I got about 3 kernels to pop when I used my instantpot. I got one kernel to pop when I used my countertop burner. I followed the instructions I found on youtube, I followed the instructions on the container of popcorn kernels. For whatever reason, the result was always a waste of 20 minutes and a pot full of unpopped, roasted kernels.

So I bought the $20 popcorn maker because it’s an investment! I want that crunchy crunch because I’m craving a nice crunch like that of popcorn. It’s going to be a lot less expensive and healthy to buy a $20 popper, and plain popcorn kernels, as compared to buying an $80 microwave and microwave popcorn.

Today I’m figuring out thumbnail generation for Futureporn. I originally built that functionality into the transcoder worker, but too many things were failing in the transcoder, so I stripped out everything but the actual transcoding functionality. Now that the transcoder works pretty well, I re-introduced the thumbnail generation.

I deployed the changes, and the transcoder is churning away at converting a video. I think it takes about 2 hours for my budget VPS to transcode a 2 hour video… that’s a really rough estimate based on not much data. Anyway, it’s doing it’s thing, and I’ll soon see whether or not the thumbnail generation works as intended.

There’s a downside to having re-added thumbnail generation recently. I have about 20 other videos which don’t have thumbnails, and they won’t get them because they have already been transcoded. So basically I think I will have to create some extra transcoding job, which will occasionally run and add thumbnails to vods which don’t already have them.

It’s not a big deal to implement that functionality. The difficult part is keeping things efficient. As it stands, a job which solely creates video thumbnails is a job which has to download a several gigabyte video from IPFS to disk from which to derive the thumbnails. Then, that video is deleted from disk. This download already happened once, when the video was transcoded from source quality to 360p. So it’s a redundant download! It seems wasteful to me.

Well, I am just going to keep in mind that future transcodes are going to handle the thumbnail generation, so there will only be one download. Right now, I’m still getting things figured out. I’m ironing out the bugs and making things work well.

Speaking of bugs… ProjektMelody streamed yesterday, and at one point she had to restart her stream. Futureporn’s voddo didn’t resume capturing the stream when Melody restarted. That’s kind of a show stopper!

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