Thu Jan 16 2020 @ 5:04AM

Bad sleep schedule! I wrote about it yesterday a bit. Slept during the evening. Woke up and went HAM on the eBay listings. Got all caught up. Now I wanna go to sleep but I really need to run these 3 bubble mailers to the mailbox before I crash. I ate at 2AM so I think I should wait a couple hours before sleeping anyway.

VOCALOID Discord is lively right now. I’m chillin in #lounge after working on eBay for what feels like 6 hours. IDK if that was accurate but yeah.

I got this Gold’s Gym sign/badge thing at Salvation Army for $1.89. What a steal.

Thick plastic with brushed metal on top, and acryllic lettering on top. I have high hopes for that sign. There aren’t any of those on eBay. I think it’ll sell for $30. That’s my guess right now. Auction only. No buy-it-now, no best offer.

I’m going to bet myself right now. If this sign sells for greater than $29.99, I get a $1 budget for envelopes. Envelopes which I will find at a thrift store, for sure!

Thrifting is actually kind of amazing. I find all sorts of good shit.

$2 for that binder. I think it’ll sell for $15.

20pcs envelopes

20 envelopes for $1. I would keep these but I think they will sell for $7. If they don’t sell by the time I run out of spare envelopes, I can always end the listing and claim them for myself!

Free camera

Here’s a camera I got from my mom for free. She gave me a box of old cameras. I think I can squeeze a few dollars out of each one.

The thing is, I’m getting momentum and that’s GREAT. Cincinnati Picker has a whiteboard in his office which shows his monthly sales income. I want to do something similar, keep it visible 24/7, which will give me reason to continue to do even better every day.

I think I should go thrifting today. I’m not out of shit to list, but I’m out of new shit to list. In other words all I got to list is shit I’ve had for years that I just want to get rid of.

I’ve been batching my outings lately. If I can help it, I won’t leave the house for just one thing. It’s gotta be for two or more things. I went out to solely pick up groceries earlier this week. That was not good planning on my part.

A good plan on my part was when I went to the doctor, then thrifting, then therapy. 3 birds fed with one seed.

Today I could go thrifting, and to the post office. That would save me the hassle of having to walk to the mailbox when I’d rather be sleeping

#lounge conversation is pretty funny right now. It’s a few lads joking about a threesome with a @Chicken’s new girlfriend. I don’t really know @Chicken that well, but apparently he’s moving to Spain to live with his girlfriend. “she’s the one” he says.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been around the VOCALOID Discord at 5AM before. It’s a different crowd than what I’m used to. Oh Chicken is Dutch.

I’m just pretty much lurking, and taking notes about people.

I ended up sleeping until 1:30 PM. My friend D. invited me to come watch anime on Saturday. I’ll probably go. I just hope B. isn’t there, but if she is, it’ll be okay since it will just be for a short period, and I can leave any time. Oooo, I can make snacks of some sort! What should I make? Carrots and dip, perhaps? I could use that chickpea wrap recipe again.

Fucking ants are invading my apartment. I’m seeing more and more every day. I squish everyone I see, but I fear that they might be outsmarting and outnumbering me.

My solution for the ants is to sell fucking everything at an increasing rate. I was thinking of going thrifting today, but I think I have enough shit laying around that I don’t need to bring in more products. On the contrary, I need to reduce my products overall.

I do have to make a trip and venture out today, so I think it would be good to go thrifting anyway. I could go to UGM Thrift and ask about their return policy. Then I could figure out if I should just throw out the faulty headset I bought, or if I have a chance to return it. It would be good to get that task off my plate.

Whatever I do, I gotta do it quick because I’m running out of sunlight! I want to get outside and walk before sundown.


I keep changing my desktop background because it’s too cute.


So cute, it hurts. This LAT Miku wallpaper is perhaps the most animated I have seen LAT Miku. LAT Miku is my favorite Miku, and I physically feel something in my gut when I look at this image. I can’t have this as a background image or I won’t be able to restrain myself from jumping towards Miku and hugging her and proceeding to cuddle for the remainder of the day.


I’m starting to think about 3D girls again. This began once I got into therapy. I started liking myself more. I started longing for connection.

I used to do online dating. I would date any girl who was interested in me, regardless of what I thought of their appearance. I dated a girl who was obese. I probably wouldn’t have dated her had I known how obese she was. She used an old picture of herself when she was more acceptable.

Anyway, she was nice. We went on two dates. First we went to Mongolian Grill. This was during a time when I was not eating enough. I didn’t eat enough. After that we went to a video game arcade. I forced myself to hold a conversation even though I was repulsed by her appearance. Next date we went rollerskating. She was an absolute beginner but she tried. I was offput by her inability to keep up with me, but I forced myself to be a gentleman.

When I drover her home, I made the biggest mistake ever. I lied and said I wanted to see her again. This was Craig at his finest. I was so afraid to speak my mind, so afraid to be honest, so afraid to hurt her feelings that I lied and told her what she wanted to hear.

I never texted or called again. We never went on another date. I just ghosted her because I wasn’t interested or attracted to her.

.Now I know my type. Joyful. Smart. Slim. Short. Small breasts. One of the clinicians in group therapy this week fit that description. She’s a total Eurobabe and I’m sure she’s taken and it would be inappropriate to hit on her in that setting but I fantasize regardless.

Speaking of therapy, the office calls me religiously to notify me of upcoming appointments. I don’t need those reminders! I have them on my e-mail.

I’m looking through images of Miku and I stumbled upon some steamy hot R-18 images.

RelationshipGoals. #GodLevelArtists!

This blog just became rated R-18! I was considering not doing so, but I decided to go ahead because this is one step in my quest to being my true, uncensored self. I added Age Gate wordpress plugin.

I think about this blog post going public in two years. Would I want it to go public right now? No, I’m still in therapy. I’m still developing shame resilience. I’m still not financially stable enough to support myself outside of my parent’s property.

I want this blog to be one more reason why I need to gain financial independence. I want to be able to move out. I really want to move out! I’m weary of the work requests from my parents. I’m weary of feeling like a burden to them. I’m weary of the boss/employee relationship between my dad and I.

I’m weary of feeling ashamed about my sexuality. I’m weary of having to think about what my parents think about every time I think about sex. I did it just now! I post a sexy picture of Miku gripping a solid penis while she’s covered in ejaculate, and the second thing I bring up is my parents. What the fuck is wrong with me?

There’s nothing wrong with me, according to Co-dependent no more. Thinking there’s something wrong with me is a co-dependent mental pattern and it’s something that can be deleted.

I can feel good about sex. I can get there. I can feel good about having a sexual appetite. I can even feel good about having a 2D waifu if I want.

I can feel good about wanting to have sex with a 3D woman. That’s normal, that’s natural, that’s part of being human and being alive and it should be celebrated.

That’s what I’m working towards. That’s why I refuse to censor myself on this blog. This is my place to share my thoughts, log my life, and be proud of it.

Your limit order to sell 1 share of VEGN was executed at an average price of $29.91 on January 16th, 2020 at 4:49 PM.

I fucking knew it! Vegan stocks were a good choice. Now that I have $29.91 in my Robinhood account, I can choose another health-food related stock and repeat the process.

This all depends on overall consistent growth in the economy, of course!

Oh yeah, I wanted to get more fitness stonks because of the time of year.

I just bought one share of Fitbit @ $7.26. I had about $50 buying power left over so I also placed limit buy orders for Nintendo @ $48.84, and GNC @ $2.06.

Nintendo was tagged as a Health and Fitness company, LOL. It’s not wrong, it’s just not what I would have thought right away. They have all those WiiFit games and dancing games, etc. so I guess it makes sense.

Anyway, I jumped at the opportunity to hold Nintendo stock! It’s a cool thing to think about. Let’s see if my limit buy orders go through!

I went to the post office and dropped off 4 packages. Then I decided to go get emissions testing so I could renew my tabs. The emissions testing facility is gone!

Holy fucking shit! I was moaning and groaning the whole time on the way to this place because of what a racket vehicle licensing and emissions testing is. I figured they just relocated, but apparently it’s gone for good. Holy fucking shit! This is great news! One tiny part of the racket that is government has shut down!

$88.25. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be $150. “License Plate Techology” smh, what a racket!

I am tempted to not renew my tabs, and see how long I can go without getting pulled over and fined. I could do a cost vs. risk analysis and find out if the rate at which I would get pulled over would make it more financially sound to not renew. :mikuxd:

I keep looking in the rear view mirror at stop signs and stop lights, worried that a cop will pull up behind me. If they do, It’s game over, man!

I’m just going to cower in the fear and buckle under the coersion that is the state. The government is extorting me for money!

And now I’m going to bitch about it because they have no right to the product of my labor. It’s millions of dollars that they’re siphoning from car owners every year, and that money is going to go towards some bullshit programs that are probably antiquated and redundant and industries that exist only because of a monopoly created via krony capitalism.

#ANARCHY2020. Let’s get this trending!

I half kid. I don’t care that anarchy hashtag trends on social media. Social media would probably just censor it anyway.

I don’t kid about anarchy. Here’s a thought experiment. How much of your day and your interactions with people exist in a state of anarchy?

Man, I talked about some heavy topics today. Sex, hentai, co-dependence, debt, and anarchy. Stay tuned for more great content!

I’m grateful for Hatsune Miku and her persistent smile. I’m grateful that I have a mostly functioning vehicle which I can use to get around town. I’m grateful for access to credit which enables me to live in wealth during these times of financial depression.

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