Thu Jan 21 2021

I received my 3D Printer last night! Fuck yeah, this thing isn’t used at all, even though it was listed as used. I set it up last night and I’ve made some test prints. So far, all failures, due to how my PETG is warping after about 45 minutes into the print.

I watched a while shit ton of youtube videos on PETG, Ender 3 warping, warping in general, etc. etc. and I think I finally have some settings and a process that is going to render acceptable, warp-free results.

Nozzle: 252 C
Bed: 65 C
Fan: 50%

I also found a great bed levelling process which sends a printless print to the printer… if that makes any sense LOL. It sends gcode to the printer and pauses the nozzle on a corner. Then I slide a piece of paper between the nozzle and the bed, and adjust the bed height adjustment screw on that corner, before resuming the print. The printer moves to the next corner where I do another height adjustment so the piece of paper is pressed on by the nozzle, but there’s enough give to where the paper can slide around.

I didn’t explain that very well LOL

Yeah, this process worked very well for me. Part of the issue I was having on my initial prints was that my nozzle was not low enough. The extruded plastic was not getting squished down onto the bed, and was barely sticking to the bed.

Well that’s sorted out! I’m printing right now and it looks like this print has a good chance of success. I can see that the plastic on the lower layers has cooled and is wanting to warp, but the brim around the edge is keeping the piece stuck to the bed.

I’m printing a fan cover for my machine. I figure I’ll do a bunch of machine mods to help my 3d printer be the best it can be, before I move onto the GoPro mounts and all that shit that I want to print out for the wedding. These early prints are where I can learn, and the later prints will hopefully be of much higher quality.

I am behind on my schedule for exercising. I wanted to exercise every day by 11AM, but I haven’t been meeting that goal. It’s okay though, because I am exercising every day.

There was an electrician that showed up this morning right as I was walking today’s shipments out to the mailbox. I got scared but then I reminded myself that this person is not an enemy or a threat, they’re just here to help my parents with something.

The electricity was out for about an hour while they did some work. Luckily I wasn’t in the middle of a print at that point. It would be a shame to lose a print after I finally figured out how to make a good print!

I’ve been watching Attack on Titan. Season 2. Holy shit, the armored titan and the colossal titan were from Eren’s unit! I did not see that coming. I am starting to figure out the titans… They’re just people who have been altered somehow! This is really a wild show. I’m excited to see where it goes next!

I’m amazed at my 3D printer. It’s amazing technology. Now I can just print out whatever plastic parts I need. Anything at all! If I can dream it, I can make it!

I’m thinking that now I can make some really amazing birthday gifts. I can use my CNC cutting machine to make a paper gift box or an intricate card, then I can use my 3D printer to make a trinket.

I want to make some figurines or parts for board games. I know there are a ton of things like that on Thingiverse. There are even dice on there. I think I would struggle to make a fair and balanced die. I don’t think I want to make a die, but I’m stoked that the choice is there.

I’m most excited for the ability to create custom enclosures, knobs, adapters… Yeah, this is going to be fun!

I’m feelin’ sleepy. I think I ate too much for breakfast!

I took a nap and then I catched Nyanners’ stream and did some jogging in place. Then I showered and I was out of time so I didn’t shave, but I Zoomed into nutrution group at FBH.

I made my first successful 3d print!

Nozzle: 242 C
Bed: 65 C
Fan: 50%

I’m very pleased with this part. I haven’t installed it yet. I am printing another part at the moment, a Z-Axis Motor Mount which supposedly offsets the Z-axis and prevents some extra tension when the print head is lowered down all the way. Fixes some design flaw in Ender 3 printers.

Nutrition group brought up something important. Animal fats and their relation to brain function. I think I could use some Omega 3 DHA! I haven’t had that in awhile. I don’t really have a plant-based alternative at the moment. I had some supplements of it at one point. I think a necessary brain fatty acid would be worthwhile to spend money on.

Ugh, the problem with those capsules is that they’re usually like $1-$2 per capsule, and I think that’s crazy high. I was at FM the other day looking at vegan Omega 3, and I couldn’t justify the cost! There’s gotta be a better way to get it. Acai berry, maybe? I’m a big fan of Acai.

I’m planning on going to the grocery store tomorrow. I could have used the bike ride today, but I was too busy being obsessed with my new toy.

I’m hungry.


I keep thinking of the Alex Honnald documentary, in which he scales El Capitan in California. He’s got the biggest balls, he’s extremely talented, and he’s an amazing human. He’s got lots of flaws, too, which reminds me that even the greats in this world are human after all.

I wonder how long it’ll be until we have Persacoms like in Chobits… Knowing the popularity of anime waifus, I’m 1000% sure that there’s a market for Persacoms. I’m probably misspelling that word. Now I gotta look it up LOL.


Fuck, that’s a good anime. Been awhile since I’ve seen it.

Attack on Titan is drawing me back into anime. I was on anime hiatus after watching a few series that weren’t keeping me engaged. I was watching Westworld but I dropped that show because it just grossed me out. It’s basically a sociopath fuckfest, with a sprinkling of deep thoughts regarding consciousness. And then there’s the gratuitus gore like when the security dude sawed off a host’s head as the host’s juggeral was sliced open and blood came dumping out. Fuck that shit.

So far so good on the print. The time estimate was 37 minutes. I think I’m 12 minutes in or so. I could go look at the display and see the exact time, but I don’t think it’s important.

What is important? I think my career and becoming financially stable is important. I’m … making progress? I guess?

No, I am making progress. I am sure of that. I have my DPC with all sorts of things that progress me towards a goal. I’m doing the items on the DPC more often than not. I’m making more sales and gaining new customers and promoting my brand and getting good feedback on my services.

I’m making progress, although it is slow progress.

I’m hopeful. I think I have a lot going for me. I think there could be all sorts of opportunity in the future, that I just can’t see right now. The wedding for example. I’ve thought about how many people are going to be there, and how there’s a chance that someone will see what I’m doing and be interested in having their own livestream. I’m going to have to print out a business card or two!

Ooo, I just thought of something cool… A 3D printed businss card! Nah, that’s a cool idea but I don’t think it would look very good. Maybe. IDK. I’ll research that a bit.

But yeah. I’m doing the wedding livestream, and I’m getting paid for it. That means that people care enough about my talents to where I can make money using those talents. It was pretty unexpected to be given the opportunity, but y’know what? That opportunity came knocking, and I answered! A past me might have shied away from the opportunity, because of the definite social situation that is bundled with the job.

In fact, I did say no to a DJ job request at a co-worker’s wedding. I went to the wedding, but he ended up just not having a DJ at all. That was awkward, being there knowing that I could have just set up a playlist in Rhythmbox and pressed play, and got paid for it! Instead I sat in the musicless dining area and twiddled my thumbs.

Hmm… Well… this time is different. I’ve dealt with a chunk of my leaned shame. I’m confident enough to attend social situations if I want to. I’m knowledgeable enough to run a video livestream. I’m stoked!

I think the plan for the rest of today is to take it easy. Honestly, I want to rest my hands as much as possible. I want to move my body as much as possible. I want to take it easy on the binge eating as much as possible.

I hope to list some cards on eBay, make some 3D prints, maybe do a bit of Javascript… No, I think no code today. I think my schedule could use a bit of tweaking when it comes to code. Every day being a code day is definitely too much. I think I could change it to code 3 days a week and that would be a good balance.

My dude! I can 3D print now! Not everybody can do that! I’m really pleased with this printer and the figurative door that it has opened for me.

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