Thu Jul 16 2020



I sold my Filecoin futures on I’m hurtin’ for cash and I don’t really trust that exchange, so I want to cash out ASAP. FIL to USDT. Then I sold all my USDT for ETH and now I have to go through KYC setup to withdraw the ETH.

I probably won’t be able to use once I finish KYC. I’m unfortunately in one of the states where cryptocurrencies are legally complicated.

My dream is to move to Idaho and enjoy more individual freedoms, especially those related to cryptocurrency.

I found a Hatsune Miku Prememo booster box on Buyee which is going for $30 at the moment. There’s 2 days until the auction ends on that. I need that box!

Unfortunately, my financials will not allow for the purchase. It’s so unfortunate because $30 for a HMK part2 booster box is THE DEAL of the year.

I can’t be a TIMMY. I have to be responsible and do what I can do to keep my business afloat. Right now that means paying rent so I can continue into next month.

Speaking of TIMMYS…. My favorite customer went back on his word. He failed to pay me $67.42 this week as he had promised. He’s now back to the bargaining table and he wants to split that payment into two, which he will make in FUCKING AUGUST.

That’s it, no more deals. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Of course I didn’t say anything like that to him. I have to remember the rules of customer service and put his needs above mine at all times. I think what’s going to happen is he’s going to not buy from me anymore, because he’s carrying a debt with me and he’s bad at managing his own money.

I knew this would happen. I actually suspected it in a previous journal entry.

I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to forgive his debts. I’m going to forgive his debts if he doesn’t buy from me anymore, and going forward I’ll be more of a hard ass on making deals with him.

Basically no deferred payments. That shit was bonkers to begin with. It was so bonkers that I LOL’d and went ahead with it because I was making money even if he didn’t follow through.

So basically I have to think about making deals differently. In the case of this customer who made a deal then flaked, I thought about the deal as follows–

My customer wants to pay me $20 now, and pay $40 later.

Instead, I should think of it in the short term like this–

My customer wants a discount on a starter deck, and a free card lot.

I don’t do deferred payments. I should just make it a rule, because what will happen is that people will take advantage of me then run. I don’t want buyers who shop once then split. I want repeat customers and mutual respect.

I think this is a good use of what I have learned in therapy about dealing with difficult people and setting boundaries. I think my customer is going to walk all over me if I don’t set this boundary.

Also I slipped in that reference to credit cards because I’m an evil seller and I want this customer to spend more money with me.

Oh fuck, I might be evil, sending this person on a path to credit card debt.

I wonder how this customer will take it. Good? Bad? I’m giving them a deal, I think if I were the customer I’d be pretty pleased about it.

I don’t care if this customer goes into credit card debt. He could rack up a huge debt then go into bankruptcy for all I care. Then he could just get his debt erased and start over.

Yep, I’m evil now.

I’ve transformed from a caring individual to a stone hardened fucboii. I suppose this is what happens when the necessary competition of crony capitalism business sets in.

I can’t be a nice guy. I can’t be charitable. It’s a dog eat dog world and I have to do what I have to do to make ends meet and get ahead.

I’m laughing aloud as I say this. It’s so ironic that I am writing these words. Someone shoot me now, I’ve become an evil corporation.

I wonder how I would behave if I moved somewhere else in the world. Maybe a place with less taxes or lower expenses. Would I still be compelled to act in detriment to society by suggesting that my constituents create debt?

I dunno.

I feel like a character in Breaking Bad who slowly becomes corrupted and transitions to the dark side.

My customer disagreed to the debt forgiveness because they wouldn’t feel right not paying me back.

I thanked the customer and left it at that.

I got a notification that I have a refund from Amazon seller services. I logged in and saw that I had a zero balance, after which I promptly closed my account. I don’t even care if that $39 shows up in my account. I just want to make damn sure that Amazon never pulls another $39 from my bank account again.

LOL my customer reconsidered. This is such a shit show. I need to monetize this shit show 🤣.

They thanked me for my kindness. This isn’t kindness! OMG what the fuck!?!

I guess that’s how I can tell that I’m doing okay in customer service. I guess???

I wanna go outside. Oh yeah, I haven’t showered today. I guess I’ll go walk and then I’ll shower afterward.

It’s already 5:50 PM so I’m probably going to wrap up this post for today. I slept for a good chunk of the day. A restful and rejuvenating nap! It was completely uninterrupted, perhaps thanks to the do not disturb sign I put on my door handle?

Yep ok. To the great outdoors!


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