Thu Jul 30 2020

# the day of the day

Hello world

oh shit. I’m in hemingway mode which means there is NO BACKSPACE!!!

This is like tiyprewriter mode.

Halp! I’m a mellenial, I con’t nokw how to cope with no error correction and no spelling perfectioN!!?!???!?!

Interesting. Very interesting.

Ok so I’m trying to type my daily journal in the FOSS program, ghostwriter. It’s rpretty kickass aolthough I am not going to use hemingway mode for the future. You see all these mistakes I make? I routinely make them, but there is no fixing them because I cannot bo back and fix them!!!!

I’m thinking I might use this when I do NanoWriMo this year. It’s pretty kickass!

I like atthat there is a worcd counter right at the bottom of the screen. Unline Wrordpress, I can simply look down and see how many words I have types.

So today I woke up and I played gam…. Wait no taht was yesterday. Today is Thursday. I woke up and listed like 60 cards on eBay. Old Weiss Schwarz cards that will probably never sell. But I d-want to list them regardless because Someone out there might want them. Also I have 50,000 listings to work with. Free insertions that is.

Goddamn, I make so many fucking mistakes and there’s just nothing i can do about it. I’ts sort of restrictive in that way, but it’s also liek… Y’know, ephemeral. Is that the right word? It’s like , a moment in time and there’s nothing that can be done to change the past. It’s only going forward in the future is what we do and there is no looking back!

I’m so tired. It’s 6:33 PM and I’m ready to sleep. I had a good day. I walked and jobgged in the backyard. I took mailings to the post office box. I mean, po box. I mean, MAILBOX.

I made a smoothie today.

The smootihe was amazing. Props to DaxGFlame kaaaka (aka) Bernice who gave me the idea to make a smoothie.

I’m going to make more smoothies now. Fuck yeah.

Bananas and strawberries (frozen) a pinch of cocoa powder, a spackling of leaves (green) , some chia seed, and some blueberries. Also soy milk.

Mix em up ain the blender for a lot of minutes. then eat it. and it’s deliciohns.

I’m going to bed now.

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