Thu Jun 11 2020

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8:34 PM. I’m not playing video games tonight because I played the past two. I woke up this morning so incredibly tired that I almost didn’t get up.

Or was that yesterday? I’m getting my days mixed up. IDK. Either yesterday or today I struggled to get out of bed. But I did. I care about my eBay business more than most things, and I have a schedule and a system in place for keeping my outgoing shipments on schedule and my customers happy.

This week’s giveaway ended! I contacted the winner via e-mail and I got their shipping address. I’m going to be sending out their card tomorrow morning.

I got a big order from a customer! I spent a good chunk of today putting together some JavaScript to create this image mosaic of the products they will be receiving.

A $70 lot of anime trading cards

We went back and forth for several days as they decided what they wanted to purchase. We worked out a deal of $70 for the above lot of cards.

There are two starter decks in there, as well as a sealed Rei Ayanami card. Sealed product is performing okay for me!

The funny thing is that I was kind of annoyed by this customer at first. They sent several messages a day, asking questions that they could have answered themselves if they had simply used the search in my eBay shop.

The thing that makes it so funny is that this customer is about to spend more than most of my customers. That is, I’m assuming that they follow through and actually send a payment.

They literally kept me in the loop about their paycheck status. I know down to the hour the time at which their paycheck shows up in their bank account.

This is the same customer that when barting, went up in price for no good reason. I’m the seller and they’re the buyer, I’m supposed to ask for more!

My idea of this person is that they’re young. They’re young and naive and they haven’t been taken advantage of enough to know that people take advantage of people who are too nice.

I can pay $70 or is that not enough? I can pay more, I’m getting a big paycheck this week.

Teh customer

I took the offer at $70 because it’s a good sale. I want this customer to be happy with their purchase. I want repeat purchases like that.

I think this is part of being a good e-commerce store. Customer service. I went above and beyond while messaging this customer. I quit being bothered by it, and I started to enjoy it.

We were communicating, although at a very low bandwidth due to our medium of text. The customer was genuinely interested and curious about my offerings.

I was as honest as I could be given my position of trying to create a monopoly on P-Memories cards in the USA. For example, I didn’t reveal my sources and I don’t ever plan on doing so. It’s a conflict of interest for me to share that information.

I am a middleman, but I’m not unimportant. I provide convenience and time savings. Buy from me and I ship same or next day. Your product arrives at your door in 3-5 days. Buy from Japan, and you’ll be waiting 2 weeks minimum.

I’m filling a niche and I’m expanding. I literally don’t buy myself fun things anymore. I only buy necessities, and shop inventory. I suppose that’s not entirely true. I buy vegan icecream which is pretty fun!

It’s all about providing value. That’s how I’m going to get ahead. That’s how I’m going to make money and get a corner on the market.

I accepted an offer of $30 for my very rare Megurine Luka card.

That’s a TINY bikini!

I thought about it for a few minutes and considered the amount that I paid for this card. It was probably close to $0 because I got several booster boxes for free after they were damaged in transit.

I figure $30 on this card is a pretty fantastic return. I originally listed it for somewhere around $100. I don’t see this card for sale anywhere online. It’s out of print and a rare pull.

That $30 is going right back into investments!

I’m seriously craving to list things on eBay. That’s how I get money! I list and it boosts my search rankings! I list and people see my products with the “New Listing” badge! I list 30+ cards at a time and flood the anime category with my wares! I list with searchable keywords that my audience can’t miss!

Today I haven’t listed anything. I coded and rode my bicycle 2 times. The first one in the morning I went around the block. The second one in the afternoon I went around a larger, more difficult block with an insane downhill that I’d rather not do again!

I’m still not comfortable on my bicycle. It’s going to take some time.

I have this fear that the front tire is going to seize and eject me at full speed onto the pavement. I’ve fallen enough times on longboards and rollerblades to know that crashes are painful and take me out of regular operation for weeks.

I still have scars on my ankle from the bad longboard crash I had.

I heard that M.’s girlfriend took a spill on her longboard recently and she broke her foot. She didn’t get a cast though. Apparently hospitals don’t do casts on adults as often as they do on children. I think she got a splint or something similar.

I’m seeing a trend in buyers as of late. They give me this promise like they’re going to spend more money in the future if I give them a deal. HAH. I won’t fall for that trick. I’ll give them a deal just because they asked. I’ll give them a deal because I want to lock in what sales I can.

This is a difficult economic time right now. Today I learned about the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) which has formed in Seattle.

It’s a movement which has been triggered by the George Floyd Rebellion. There are marches, speeches, music, and artists. Right now they have a live stream going where there is a huge ongoing art piece where people are painting, “Black Lives Matter” in some of the largest font I’ve ever seen.

They’re painting this directly on the street.

They’re anticipating that the police are going to move in.

One of the police stations in the area has been abandoned and CHAZ has turned it into a community center!

I have mixed feelings about this. I like and support some of their demands. Everything about their justice system I support.

I disagree with others, such as the economic demands. They’re asking for complete socialism there. Free housing. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think that’s an excellent way to bankrupt the country.

Oh wait, the country is already trillions of dollars in debt.

It should probably go bankrupt. We should probably start over, LOL!

Let’s start over and model our civilization after CHAZ. It seems pretty nice there. I hear reports from HackerNews that say it’s just like music festival.

A music festival with no cops! So basically it’s a good place to feel free.

That’s real freedom. Being free to do whatever you want as long as it’s peaceful.

I hear Mexico is kinda like that. It’s got a raw kind of freedom to it. Less safety maybe, but a whole lot more freedom.

That’s the shit I’m into. I’m naturally into that kind of freedom. I had to learn the capitalism and nanny state stuff.

Anime tiddies.

These are perfect tiddies. Perfect figure overall. Slim, long legs, short torso. Pokey, perky tiddies. If the tiddies are round on the bottom, that’s too much tiddy.

I’m having trouble finding this art online. It’s gotta exist, but who knows where!

I think there’s a thunder storm outside. I just heard what sounded like LOUD lightning. I heard it through the window that I rarely hear things through. I think it might be close.

I looked out side. Oh yeah, it’s lighting up the sky like a camera flash. It’s still several miles away though, as I observed several seconds of silence between the light and the boom.

The built in Weather report in Pop_OS! seems broken. It just loads indefinitely and it never remembers my location. Maybe it doesn’t work over a cellular connection. I remember it used to work when I used my parent’s Wi-Fi.

I listened into the CHAZ livestream for a few minutes and there is someone on a loudspeaker reminding everyone that respect of their community is very important. The whole idea of CHAZ is that they rid the need for police. They self-police.

I want to buy a veggie dog from the street vender at CHAZ. This is civil disobedience in it’s FINEST! There is order in this place. There are rules. The rule is RESPECT other people and RESPECT the community.

And you can get good food and listen to live music. Fuck yeah.

If the police come in their with rubber bullets and tear gas, they’ll only increase their perception as “the bad guys” in a lot of people’s minds.

I know that there are individuals everywhere. There are people who behave good and there are people who behave bad. Cops are just people and they are no exception.

The job of a cop might attract bad apples though. I’m not sure.

I do know that I’m a fan of police departments that can fail. They should fail if they do a poor job, just like any business who doesn’t run their business well.

CHAZ seems to be a social anarchist movement. I can’t support it fully because I’m an anarcho capitalist. I would still visit though. I am jonesin’ for that veggie hot dog with grilled onion!

Had some food and watched some youtube.

I don’t feel like today was a productive day. I need to list!!!

I listed my PSVita. I want to keep going and finding some more ways to make $$$ but I’m feeling the need to sleep.

I’m out!

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