Thu Mar 11 2021

I skipped another social event.

I went to a zoom group, “Resilience” though. Didn’t talk one peep, though.

This means that I haven’t talked to anybody since Monday.

I’m doing okay though. I did 45 minutes of yoga today.

I took a nap, too.

Here’s some notes


Ride ya’ bike!

npm run audio

  • mp3
  • ogg
  • wav

(make a script which ensures taht a mp3,ogg and wav exist for every file on


self-advocacy <– life domain

  • I don’t want to get kicked out
  • Isolate
  • I don’t want to offend

Is there DPI scaling for Zoom on Linux?

Peer Spokane

Meetup Spokane

Chapter 1 homework is the most important homework in resiliency group

I felt shame of having a messy background. I felt guilt that I didn’t hide it.

We need to feel before we can heal

I’ve already done this class

Do the work

take a nap


good stream today

Oh yeah, I streamed on Twitch today!

I was so nervous. I put on a mini shin buddhist service. I started with sound meditation, then chanted Hanjusan. I was having so much trouble holding notes because I was getting self conscious about strangers hearing me chant, about being on mic (I used a PNG instead of using webcam)

I listened to the 30 minute stream afterwards, and it sounded alright! I was so nervous that the fear would be apparent in my voice, but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought.

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