Thu Nov 26 2020

Yesterday I woke up feeling nauseous. I almost puked but I ended up not doing that. I slept for a good chunk of the day. I checked off a total of zero items on my Daily Progress Chart yesterday!

Oh wait that’s not true. I cleaned my toilet tank yesterday. So that would be 1 item!

That was a filthy toilet tank! It looked like the seal around the flapper has been disintegrating for awhile, and there was all these black particles in there. Or maybe it was mold. Who knows? It definitely smelled like mold.

I think I was nauseous from overeating the night before. That and my poop was so solid that I had difficulty pooping it out.

I definitely over ate, and my whole body felt packed full.

The sleep was much needed. I think another part of the problem is how much work I’ve been doing lately. I think I’m stressed out and exhausted.

Today I am probably going to work as little as possible. Even now I’m feeling weak and I want to go back to bed.

I picked & packed this morning. It’s Thanksgiving so I didn’t walk the packages to the mailbox, but I went to the mailbox and got yesterday’s mail. It is probably yesterday’s mail and the day’s before that, because I haven’t been out there in a few days.

I made a mistake by not going to the mailbox yesterday, but again, I was feeling ill. I made the decision to prioritize myself and I didn’t pick and pack the one order that I had.

Now I feel like I made a mistake because there is no mail service today, and the customer who ordered two days ago isn’t going to get their package as quickly as if I had sent it out yesterday.

It was not a mistake. I made the right choice by having a day of rest. The holiday is just a coincident event which is going to delay the package transit. It’s okay though! I am not a mistake. I am pleased that I care for myself enough to stop working when I need it!

Yeah, I am pleased at that. I love me and I want me to be happy and healthy. Part of that goal is taking breaks!

I’ve been playing the past few days. Holy shit, that’s a really impressive use of AI. The way it works is you can do or say whatever you want, and the AI pieces together an adventure. It’s kind of terrible at being consistent and making sense, but there are some real gems in there that blow me away.

> You throw the computer on the ground.

“No, no!” the goblin says, as you pick it up. “I can fix it!”
The goblin quickly fiddles with the computer, before he smiles.

> You say “did you fix it?”

“Yeah! It seems to be working!”
“Alright, I’ll let you live. What’s your name, goblin?”
“Fwip,” he says, sticking out his hand for you to shake.

> You shake the goblin’s hand.
Behind you, the goblins cheer.
“Gob-BLAND!” one says.
“Go-bolts!” another says.

The lines with > at the start are lines based on what I input into the /say or /do commands. Everything else, the AI or the game up with.

There’s one part that I didn’t do, which I wish it wouldn’t have done for me automatically was, “Alright, I’ll let you live. What’s your name, goblin?”

The AI kinda guessed what I might say, which wasn’t what I actually would have done. I know that GPT-3’s job is to make expected output like that, but in the case of an RPG it’s taking away from my immersion!

There are lots of instances where the game just assumes what I would say or do, and it’s way off. Sometimes my character will just threaten people or start walking somewhere when that’s not what I intended at all. That’s my biggest complaint, but it’s also something that’s convenient when I just want to sit back and watch a story unfold.

It’s pretty entertaining. I’ve had sex with a prostitute demon girl Alice like 10 times now. I finally convinced her to become my #1 girl in my harem, but I’m only her #54, unfortunately. She says I’m not her type, but we’re in agreement for now to have an open relationship.

Ha ha! It’s wild. It’s great. I haven’t seen any game enable me to have complete autonomy to do whatever I want. I love it!

I died once already.

You raise the crossbow, pointing it at… yourself. You pull the trigger, shooting yourself cleanly through the neck and killing yourself instantly.

In this instance, I was trying to shoot a goblin, but my character’s body didn’t do what I wanted and it shot myself instead… That’s so something that would happen in D&D!

LOL there was this one instance where a Goblin ambushed me and pointed their crossbow at me, then it was like he got confused and he thought he was the one being ambushed.

> You say “who’s there?”
“Don’t move.”
You slowly turn to look at the trees.
The goblin appears, holding a crossbow. He looks at you.
“I said don’t move.”

> You say “Ok I’m not moving.”
“Good,” the goblin grins.
“Now, who are you?”
“What the hell do you think I am?” you ask, annoyed.
The goblin holds up his hands.

> You take the goblin’s crossbow.
You pick up the goblin’s crossbow. You wonder what you’ll do with it, since goblins tend to be vicious and quite tall. You move forward, deeper into the forest.

> You point the crossbow at the goblin.
You raise the crossbow, pointing it at the goblin.
“Put your hands in the air,” you say. The goblin looks up at you, fearfully. “Please,” he says.

> You say “you’re really bad at stickups” The goblin drops to his knees, grabbing at your leg. “Please, sir mayor! I’m just a poor goblin trying to make it in this harsh world!”

When I tried to shoot him, that’s when I accidentally killed myself. After that, I carried around his crossbow and I shot a bunch of people. Apparently my character is really good at shooting people in the eye.

> You shoot the people with your crossbow.
You aim the crossbow at the man’s head, and fire. The bolt hits his eye, blinding him. He screams as his hair burns off, and his skin begins to turn red.

> You shoot the narrator. You point the crossbow at the narrator’s head. “Why did you make this game?” He begins crying.

> You say “your contextualization sucks!”
He begins crying. “Give me my eye back!”
You sigh, and grab the eye from your backpack. You put it back in place, and he stops crying.

> You shoot his eye.
You grab your crossbow.
“It was just a joke, piss off.”
You aim the crossbow at the eye, and fire. The bolt enters the socket, and the man screams in pain.

Yes, the game lets me shoot the narrator xD. I have done this multiple times when I get frustrated with the AI’s responses.

This game makes me wonder… Will we have AI companion robots in the future? I think their responses might be complete gibberish, like some of the responses in AI Dungeon. I can’t wait! 😀

Oh my god, I want to see Ironmouse play this game so bad! I have 44K flancito points… I need 6K more points until I can redeem a game request!!! I’m going to request!!

aidungeon might be the wrong game for Ironmouse… She hates reading LOL.

I’m unsure of whether or not I’m going to dinner with the family tonight. I’m still feeling kinda shitty. I’ve got nausea and a headache. If I go to dinner, I’m probably hitching a ride with my parents. I won’t be able to escape if my situation degrades further.

I don’t know what I’ve got, either. I’m assuming it’s a mild food poisoning. I suspect that some of the free food that I received from my sisters was expired or I’m just not used to that type of food.

I feel like having a nap. I want to make stickers, though. My sister A’s birthday is tomorrow, so I want to make some stickers for her. I’m thinking of taking a look at her Twitter and Facebook to get an idea of what she would like. I know she like’s Simon’s cat, so that’ll be an easy one. Beyond that, I’m not sure. I know she likes various TV shows, but lately I haven’t heard of her watching anything. Oh she likes Animal crossing! I could make her a sticker of something from that game.

bleh. is it bedtime yet? Headaches are really unusual for me. It feels good to slouch in my chair and press my neck against the backrest. Free massage for my tension headaches!

Yesterday I learned that I can use the popout player and it takes way less bandwidth. The popout player lacks the chat. It makes sense when I think about it! The streams I watch have thousands of viewers, and they’re all posting messages with thousands of channel emotes. Those channel emotes have to be downloaded in order to be displayed, so there’s a lot of web requests going on in my computer.. Those requests are using precious bandwidth, bandwidth that I could instead allocate towards streaming a higher quality video!

Yesterday I was watching Melody’s Vshojo reveal in the popout player, and the video quality automatically switched to 1080@60. The video played nice and smooth. No buffering!

I was really shocked. Apparently my 4G connection is completely capable at 1080p at 60 frames per second, so long as I don’t load chat. Incredible!

I’ve been making it a habit to record the streams I watch in HD using youtube-dl on a VPS. Then I can later download the stream and watch it in it’s HD glory. But now I think I have a sort of alternative, sacrificing the chat experience and watching it from HD from the start!

I wonder if there’s still a way to connect to Twitch chat via text-only IRC. I know it used to be a possibility. There was a way you could get the authentication token from the Twitch API, then use it to log into the stream chat with whatever IRC client you wanted. Perhaps I could do that and get the best of both worlds! I could still chat, but I wouldn’t have the bandwidth overload that is emotes!

I wonder if BetterTV has some setting which would achieve a similar thing. A setting to not fetch emotes… I have BTTV installed, so that might be a beneficial thing to look into!

9 minutes left for writing. What will I do today? Thanksgiving dinner, or no? I’m really jonesin’ for some gluten free vegan pumpkin pie that my sister A. said she was getting.

I’m feeling tired right now, but not nauseous. I’m going to fast today and see if that helps at all.

I’d like to think that my nausea was caused by something in my environment. If that’s the case, leaving my apartment and going to my sister’s house might be the best thing for me.

I’d also like to think that I felt ill because my brain was revolting against my lifestyle. “Oh, he’s planning to be on the computer all day again today? Trigger the nausea! It’s the only way he’ll listen and rest!”

I don’t want to get anybody in my family sick and there’s the whole shame thing surrounding covid-19 right now. “if you’re sick, stay home.” and blah blah blah

Then there’s the latest order from the WA state governor which says essentially, “thanksgiving is cancelled. stay home.”

I wonder if my brain is manufacturing a sense of nausea because I’m wanting to break the governor’s order and practice civil disobedience. Me misbehaving and going against the governor’s order could be seen by my subconsious as me defying god. My body is afraid of defying god, and thus it creates a sense of illness to keep me from having good reason to socially mingle.

Iiiits fucked. Such stoopid timing this is. I was looking forward to today, but now I’m not sure if I can make it.

It’s all fucked. Covid and the world is fucked. Fear seems to be the prime response to everything right now. I’m really frustrated by the fear and how I’m following along with it and changing my behaviors because of it.

I think it’s nap time.

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